A ghostly playlist, and other songs: The soundtrack to Spirits of Christmas

It’s a festive Music Monday Special!


Hello, you! The Advent season is finally upon us, the St Nicholas Promo Sale for Spirits of Christmas is under way, and I’m allowed to post Christmas tunes on my blog. With that, sit back and grab a cuppa (or a glass of mulled wine) and let yourself be carried away by the playlist behind Spirits of Christmas. I’d love to hear your guesses on how these songs match the storyline! (Warning ~ a few songs are red herrings… songs that inspired me, but that have no direct relevance to the novella!). Have fun!

Spirits of Christmas: The Playlist

Did I have fun writing this novella,
or what?
What do YOU think ~
any favourites  here?

StNicholasPromo (2)

8 responses to “A ghostly playlist, and other songs: The soundtrack to Spirits of Christmas

  1. Hi Nicky

    I’ll be brief today.
    Well the countdown has begun, and like last year I’m going only with respond to your playlist. So using the title from your novella for the inspiration for my musical response this week I give you.

    P.S. If anyone missed my Centre Stage appearance on Nov 20th, I’d still like to hear from you.

    • Brilliant, as always. Never even though to do a youtube search while I was writing… 🙂 Thanks, Robin! X

      • You’re quite welcomed.
        [Oh well, my secret’s out]
        I use it and my, well, age [ 🙂 🙂 🙂 ] to come up with my songs each week. For most of my songs I can only remember parts of the words [no title] when I begin my search. However, as soon as I find the song I want the entire songs comes back to my memory.

  2. LOVE this, as I’m sure you knew I would!
    After putting up the Christmas decorations yesterday, I started re-reading Spirits of Christmas. Think it will become one of my Christmas regulars! 😉
    Have a rockin’ week! xx

    • Karen, that would totally make my year. My decade, even. Thanks so much! Loved your Music Monday post (of course) and very envious of your Xmas tree. Ours can’t go up until 19th December…. My fault! LOL! Have a great day and keep on singing those tunes….

  3. I really enjoyed your “Spirits of Christmas.” A great read for Christmas time.

  4. An eclectic mix! I shall try to keep these in mind when I come to read Spirits of Christmas 🙂 🙂

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