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A ghostly playlist, and other songs: The soundtrack to Spirits of Christmas

It’s a festive Music Monday Special!


Hello, you! The Advent season is finally upon us, the St Nicholas Promo Sale for Spirits of Christmas is under way, and I’m allowed to post Christmas tunes on my blog. With that, sit back and grab a cuppa (or a glass of mulled wine) and let yourself be carried away by the playlist behind Spirits of Christmas. I’d love to hear your guesses on how these songs match the storyline! (Warning ~ a few songs are red herrings… songs that inspired me, but that have no direct relevance to the novella!). Have fun!

Spirits of Christmas: The Playlist

Did I have fun writing this novella,
or what?
What do YOU think ~
any favourites  here?

StNicholasPromo (2)

Smells Like Teen Spirit

It’s Music Monday!


Now, I’m not normally a grunge kind of person. It’s not that I dislike it. It’s just that most of the time, I like other things better. But. Evidently grunge rock didn’t pass me by! And there are classics that you cannot fail to love.

Last week, while I was working fast and furiously on my mini-WiP, this particular song carried me through. It is perfect on so many levels… you’ll have to way until a little later in the year to fully understand, but let yourselves be intrigued by this notion. Why would Nirvana suddenly inspire Nicky Wells, rock star romance author extraordinaire?

Guesses welcome!