Gabriel’s Message

Happy Monday!


It was the second Sunday of Advent yesterday, and one of my favourite Church hymns seems to be prominently sung on and around that day. How lucky I feel that one of the world’s best singer-songwriters has also recorded a version of this song! Sit back as I bring you a Christmas ‘rock’ tune with a difference. Let yourself be enchanted by Gabriel’s message…

PS. And how do I know of this version, you ask? Well, there’s a question! It happens that Sting’s single “Russians” is the first record I ever bought with my pocket money. I didn’t even know what it was called, I had to sing it to the chap in the record store. And on the ‘B’ side of this prized possession…for yes, we’re talking real, actual vinyl here! On the ‘B’ side was none other than this very song. I didn’t know any Anglican church hymns at the time, living, as I did then, in Germany, but the song lodged in my brain and made a deep and lasting impression.

Now then. Instant reactions?

4 responses to “Gabriel’s Message

  1. Hi Nicky, remember singing this at school and in church! Beautiful! I always tried to imagine what wings of drifted snow and eyes of flame would look like!

    Also love Chris De Burgh’s A Spaceman Came Travelling which put an entirely different slant on the nativity. I wheel it out every year alongside Greg Lake’s I believe in Father Christmas. xx

    • Ah, Jo, we’d have an awesome Xmas together. We’d be singing at the top of our voices. The songs you list are in my top ten!!! Thanks for visiting and commenting… Glooo-ooooo-oooo-ria!

  2. I love this version, Nicky! It’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing it today.

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