Breaking News! I’ve won Best Book Trilogy 2013!


Yup! That’s me! How thrilled am I? Well, let’s say I’m over the moon! What a wonderful early Christmas present ~ a huge thank you to Supportive Business Mums for this fabulous award. YAY!

Feel like sharing the joy? Here goes:

Rock star award! @WellsNicky’s #Rock Star #Romance series wins Best Book Trilogy 2013!! via @sb_mums #kindle #sspub

And the #winner of Best Book Trilogy 2013 as awarded by @sb_mums is: @WellsNicky’s #Rock Star Romance series!!! YAY!

Hooray!!! I’m now officially an award-winning author. Excuse me a moment while I sit down and come to terms with this new reality… LOL!

There. I’m back. Give it up for the real winner,
and thank YOU for all your support…

I got your Christmas reading all wrapped up ~ are you ready to get carried away with a rock star?

I got your Christmas reading all wrapped up ~ are you ready to get carried away with a rock star?

Pssst…. haven’t got your copies yet? Get them here: |



12 responses to “Breaking News! I’ve won Best Book Trilogy 2013!

  1. Hi Nicky
    What more can I say but CONGRATS !!!
    Although you haven’t posted your Music Monday post yet I can’t help leaving without posting something.
    So here’s a “crazy” item for you to enjoy.
    You might want to turn up the volume a tad for this one:

  2. Wonderful news, and very well deserved 🙂 xx

  3. Congratulations, Nicky! Well deserved!

  4. Congrats, Nicky!! That IS a fabulous early Christmas gift. 🙂

  5. Well done Nicky 🙂

  6. Well done Nicky – Rocking congrats to you. Well deserved, so thrilled for you. Long may the honours come pouring in. It is just FAB. Jane & Val xxxx

  7. Congrats Nicky! And OF COURSE you won! I’m not surprised. Not surprised at all. Cheers!

  8. Late, late, late to congratulate you (I’ve been away on holiday, with dodgy reception on mobile and no laptop), but I am so pleased for you! Well done! Here’s to the next trilogy!

  9. Well-deserved! Still saving Encore so that I have more Sophie and Dan to anticipate! x

  10. Joanna, you will love Sophie’s Encore I am sure. It is a cracker and does not disappoint. 🙂

  11. Wow! I’m so sorry I didn’t catch your responses during my seasonal blogging break. I’m stunned, and honoured, and humbled by your response to my announcement. Woohooo! Here’s hoping that you’ll continue to love my books, and thank you for all your support and enthusiasm. That makes my world go round!! X

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