MIA, AWOL, Off the Radar—I may be gone some time… but I’ll Be Back!

She’s going to ground, MIA, AWOL, and generally pulling a total disappearing act… This here author is retreating to her study to write her most exciting book yet (during a self-imposed complete social media ban)!

Friends, readers and fellow romance lovers! I’m going away, but in a good cause.

The backend of 2014 was somewhat chaotic for me, and I had to take on a few commitments that took me away from writing. Now I’m somewhat behind on my next book. Actually, scratch that. I’m a lot behind on my next book.

I am nonetheless determined to bring you my next book as soon as I can, and it’s quite possibly my most ambitious one yet. It’s a romantic comedy with a bit of bite. “Seven Years Bad Sex” looks at a toasting superstition gone seriously wrong, and a young married couple’s complete inability to get… romantic. Cue all manner of hilarious and occasionally desperate antics!

To complete this masterpiece, I am taking a leave of absence from social media. Yup, you read that right. Complete and utter radio silence. I’m already shaking with withdrawal symptoms, but it’s got to be done. For the next two to three months, I’m going to use every available minute to write, write, write, until it’s done. I won’t be on Facebook, and I apologise in advance if I miss your birthday or any other significant events. I won’t be on Twitter. I won’t be blogging. I will be well and truly M.I.A.

Please bear with me and forget me not. Writing is paramount to me, and I am so keen to bring you my next book! I’ll be in touch when I surface from my self-imposed ban. In fact, I have an exciting re-entry strategy, and you’ll definitely know when I’m BACK!

In the meantime, you can reach me via the contact page, anytime. Thank you for your support and understanding. See you soon!



4 responses to “MIA, AWOL, Off the Radar—I may be gone some time… but I’ll Be Back!

  1. A re-entry strategy, eh? Sounds exciting! Best of luck with the book, and I’ll see you in a bit! xx

  2. Good for you, Nicky. I admire your dedication.

  3. Wishing you inspiration and joy with your writing Nicky. See you when you’re ready! xx

  4. What Shaz, Anneli, and Karen said!
    See you when it’s done! x

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