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Two Princes

It’s Music Monday!


Today I have a guest-poster by proxy. Yes, today’s choice comes via my beloved other half. He put this song on in the car the other day and guess what? The kids totally rocked out to it. They’re only six and eight and they knew it, goodness knows how. You should have heard the gleeful shouts of “Just Go Ahead Now!” So it must be a classic. And I’m certainly grooving as I’m posting it.

*Sings* If you…want to buy me flowers… just go ahead now!

Plus, of course, my leading lady Sophie seems to be faced with two princes in her life, at one point or another. Which one would her Dad approve, I wonder? (Actually, I don’t wonder that at all, I know her Dad’s a pretty cool man and he goes with his heart; he’d be cheering Dan on from the sidelines if he could!)

Without further ado, I give you:


Now then. Two princes ~ which one do YOU chose?