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CentreStage with Claire Kinton: Introducing Dead Game

Welcome to CentreStage!


CentreStage hosts amazingly talented authors from around the world, showcasing their novels, sharing their inspiration or telling stories about their lives. Today, it is my tremendous pleasure to welcome an author local to my own whereabouts, the one and only Claire Kinton! Claire and I met at the recent Lincoln Inspired Festival and I remember being deeply moved by the inspiration for her debut novel, Dead Game… so over to Claire!


Finalist in the People’s Book Prize!

Thank you so much for having me on your blog today Nicky – I’m so delighted to be here.  I love the fact that us authors are so supportive of one another.  It makes the writing world all the more fun to be in.

Today, I really would just like to let you all know about my debut novel, Dead Game, the first in The Game Trilogy, and how it has been made a finalist in The People’s Book Prize (the literary world’s version of the X-Factor).  As you can imagine I am delighted that Dead Game readers have responded and back in the Autumn, voted for my work – but now that it has made it into the finals, I need to start my mini campaign again and this is the week – voting ends on the 28th May 2013.  So, let me tell you a little bit about Dead Game, why I wrote it and why you should vote for it.

Introducing DEAD GAME

Charles - Copy

The Game Trilogy, particularly Dead Game, was written in memory of my cousin Charles, who served out in Iraq 2003 – it’s about the journey of a young Lance Corporal whose life was cut short.  It begs the questions, ‘are we really just a heavy mass of bodies made up of blood, bone and skin, glued to the Earth by gravity, running around creating a giant mess?’   It’s a question that will be answered with a thousand different voices.   But in my moment of grief and as my atonement to my cousin, and every soldier who has stood for their country, Dead Game is my answer.  The conflicts of today and the pressures that are on our soldiers shoulders are all too clear for us to see, particularly given the Woolwich Soldier news of yesterday.

Dead Game is an epic reflection of our wanting to connect with something bigger than ourselves; a fantasy entwining English patriotic family values and tradition with profound philosophy and spirituality and at the same time, it is the deepest love story.  Uplifting all those who have ever loved and lost, it strives to put forward one answer to death and is an allegorical story of bravery, acceptance, friendship, trust and love, but in the same breath, it is the ultimate adventure of a soldier, propelled by the inconceivable motivation to survive.

Dead Game Cover

With guardian angels, a cursed centaur and mythical saints, Lance Corporal Archie Fletcher battles his way through Transit, discovering an underwater world of ancient secrets and brawling with wild lions, enraged charioteers and venomous plants. With the Moon’s trickery endangering his sanity and a three-headed dragon that never sleeps blocking his path, Dead Game is no easy feat. The fantasy will whisk you away to a parallel world confirming the knowing deep within us all that the adventure of life must go on.

And there’s more…

The sequel to Dead Game and the second part in the trilogy, ‘Waiting Game’, was released on 3rd March 2013 with Ghostly Publishing Ltd and follows Sarah Walker after the tragic death of her cousin, Archie.  Embarking on a long-awaited trip around the world she lands herself in a dingy Thai soi and runs into a forgotten rogue from her past.  Terrified, Sarah flees and in doing so, finds herself in a ghostly world with warped satyrs, dual-headed snakes, and a wicked witch who plots to enslave her; trying to piece together the jigsaw of her past in time; the true meaning of friendship is at stake.  Waiting Game is a dangerous journey but it is a fragile heart that travels it.  Compelled to move on whether she wants to or not, Sarah’s scars run deep, but just how far will she go in an attempt to find Archie?

You can find DEAD GAME on AMAZON!

Supporting Charity

The Game Trilogy supports ‘The Soldiers Charity’ (Army Benevolent Fund), who gives a lifetime of support to those serving and retired soldiers and their families.  My family could not have got through it without them, which is why a percentage of every book sold will be going to their life-saving cause.

Vote now: Dead Game is a Finalist in the People’s Book Prize!

Dead Game can only win with YOUR votes… it doesn’t cost anything to vote… all you need to do is click the link below, register, scroll down two books and click on VOTE FOR DEAD GAME – it will take 30 seconds, so please, please, please when you have 30 seconds spare, vote for my hero’s tale.

Every life is like a novel with the ending ripped out.  Nobody really knows what is to come.  My fantasy can be read on many different levels… teenagers particularly seem to have taken to it but really, it’s just a story about a soldier, gone too soon.  I hope, if you read it, you can all relate to it and that it strengthens you.

With all my best wishes


Claire, thank you so much for visiting here today and HUGE congratulations on becoming a finalist in the People’s Book Prize. I wish you every success ~ let’s hope those voting fingers click away!!! 🙂 Here’s that link again:


It was fabulous to meet you at the Festival, and I’m thrilled you could visit here today to spread the word about DEAD GAME!

So, people ~ what do you reckon about DEAD GAME?

‘Stage Debut’ ~ At the Drill Hall for Lincoln Inspired

8 May 2013 proved to be a fairly monumental day for me.

(I know, I seem to be having a lot of those of late. This seems to be an occupational hazard!)

Here’s a hint:

Yup, here I am!

Yup, here I am! Photo courtesy of Tom Haughton @ Lincoln Inspired, with thanks.

It was monumental because it featured my first ever contracted author appearance. Yup, rather than ‘just’ presenting myself for a book signing somewhere (not that there’s ever a ‘just’ about that!), I had signed a contract stating that I would turn up on the specified date, at the specified time, for the specified length of time, bringing along my person, my books and a talk.

Want to know more? Find out here: http://www.lincolninspired.co.uk/

Want to know more? Find out here: http://www.lincolninspired.co.uk/

The event in question was the Lincolnshire Literary Life session, featuring myself, Claire Kinton, David Zelder, Joff Gainey and Helen Hancocks. Gill Hart had structured the session into three stages.

Setting up for my 'stage debut' ~ I'm starting to feel like a pro about this!

Setting up for my ‘stage debut’ ~ I’m starting to feel like a pro about this!


First of all, Gill invited us all to introduce ourselves to our audience. Thus we discovered that Helen illustrated the story of Penguin in Peril as part of her degree show, and that the words came later. Joff brought along his suitcase of memories and explains how that inspired him to write Sleeping on a Cloud. Claire shared the tragic inspiration for Dead Game, and David had everyone hanging onto his every word when he shared a traumatic experience that helped him make the events of Yomping Outside so authentic.

From left to right: Nicky Wells, David Zelder, Gill Hart, Claire Kinton, Helen Hancock and Joff Gainey. Photo courtesy of Tom Haughton and Lincoln Inspired, with thanks.

From left to right: Nicky Wells, David Zelder, Gill Hart, Claire Kinton, Helen Hancocks and Joff Gainey. Photo courtesy of Tom Haughton @ Lincoln Inspired, with thanks.

And me? Of course, I laid my cards on the table with regard to my inspiration.  (I’m not shy like that, LOL. Not anymore!) You know, my strange, inexplicable but undeniable love for rock stars. I earned myself a few laughs, which made my day, and people seemed intrigued by the fact that I blame the writing of Sophie’s Turn entirely on my husband.

Meet the Author

Introductions over, Gill moved us into the ‘free socializing hour’ where attendees were welcome to have lunch or to grab the opportunity to chat with the panel of authors, peruse books, and buy them and have them signed. I’m pleased to report that the attendees didn’t rush madly out the door for their food and drink. Rather, they milled about speaking to us, finding out more about books and buying a few, too.


I loved this part of the session best, I have to confess. I adore meeting new people, readers, fellow authors and aspiring writers alike, and I never once left my stall to grab a drink. (Thankfully, Gill kept coming round with cups of tea and muffins ~ thank you!).

Question Time

After the meet-the-author time, Gill reconvened us for a guided panel discussion. She asked us authors about our experience of going into print ~ whether independently or through a publisher ~ and the audience was quick with questions about the publishing industry, but also our writing process in general. It was a wonderful and animated discussion and before we knew it, our time was quite literally up!

Parting shot. :-)

Parting shot. 🙂 Photo courtesy of Tom Haughton @ Lincoln Inspired, with thanks.

See You Next Year?

The general consensus was clear: let’s do this again next year! This is Lincoln Inspired’s first edition and in my humble opinion at least, the audience’s and authors’ reactions make the session a huge success. I sincerely expect that this reflects the Festival as a whole. So therefore… here’s to a fabulous 2nd, 3rd, 4th….. and nth edition. Rock on!

Lincoln is definitely Inspired!
Don’t you think?