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FREE on Kindle for five days: Spirits of Christmas, a Rock’n’Roll Christmas Carol

Yes, you read that right. This is my first free promo EVER.
Spirits of Christmas is absolutely free on Kindle for five days only!


Go grab it here or in any other Amazon store:
Amazon.com | Amazon.co.uk

Why am I giving this book away free?

Easy. Because it’s Christmas (well, getting there!) and I’m celebrating the impending launch of Fairy Tale in New York, which is available for pre-order right now but will officially release on Kindle next Monday for only $2.06 or £1.29.


Help spread the word about my free Spirits!

Please help me spread the joy by sharing a tweet or Facebook message or posting to Google+. Thanks so much! And to make it really easy, here’s a sample message you can use:

SPIRITS OF CHRISTMAS, rock’n’roll Christmas carol by @WellsNicky #FREE on #KINDLE!  http://ow.ly/DXQfW Romance, music & Xmas, go get it!

Thank you so much!! Loveya!