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Uncovering the magic: Fairy Tale in New York #Christmas #Romance #Rock

New York. A restaurant near Park Avenue. It’s early evening, and dusk is falling. So is the snow. Jude and Carrie are merely killing time while they wait for their return flight to London. They don’t know yet that their life will never be the same…

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‘Um.’ Carrie leaned forward and dropped her voice to a whisper. ‘You know that scene in Pretty Woman? In the bar? I’ve always wanted to try that out.’

Jude burst out laughing, startling Maya. ‘Sorry, babycakes, I didn’t mean to frighten you,’ he cooed and scooped her onto his lap. ‘Your mummy is propositioning me in the most outrageous manner, you know. Quite scandalous.’

‘Shush,’ Carrie hissed. ‘What if she understands you?’
‘She won’t,’ Jude replied calmly. ‘How could she?’
‘You know what they say about not talking to your baby in a baby voice…’
‘Well, I’m right on track, aren’t I?’ Jude replied mischievously. ‘As for your proposition…well, I must say… you’re on. I suppose we’d better get this young lady tucked up first, don’t you?’
Carrie chuckled. ‘Are we naughty, or what?’
‘Not naughty,’ Jude corrected gently. ‘Just in love. Let’s go.’

He stepped up to the counter to pay at the till while Carrie put Maya back into her coat and hat. The little girl was droopy and tired and glared at Carrie around a thumb plugged firmly into her mouth. Carrie kissed her nose and tugged her hat down a little further. ‘Nearly time for your bath and bed,’ she told her daughter. ‘It’s not far to the hotel.’

Jude lifted Maya into her sling and fastened it securely. He gave a quick nod towards the window. ‘Have you noticed? It’s snowing.’
‘Really?’ Carrie squealed and pressed her nose to the window like a small child. ‘Omigod, so it is! Could this day end any more perfect?’
‘I don’t know about perfect,’ Jude grumbled. ‘Let’s hope it’s a temporary flurry.’
‘Oh, I’m sure it will be,’ Carrie mused. ‘You know me and snow. It never snows where I am. And if it does, it doesn’t stick. But it’s so romantic. Just think, we could light some candles and sit at the piano together and watch the snow fall onto Park Avenue…maybe have a glass of vino…’
‘Is that before or after we try that scene from Pretty Woman?’
‘You and your one-track mind.’ Carrie pretended to pout and threw a glove at Jude.
‘Hey, that’s not fair!’ Jude caught the glove and laughed. ‘You suggested it.’
‘That was before!’
‘Before what?’
‘Before it snowed!’
Jude shook with laughter all over. ‘How does that change anything?’
‘Well, you know.’ Carrie wrapped her scarf around her neck and donned her own woolly hat. ‘I never get to sit in a suite in a glamorous hotel and watch the snow fall, so that’s pretty special, don’t you see? I’ve got to enjoy this moment.’
‘And so you shall. Just as soon as we’ve both enjoyed something else.’
‘Tsk. Honestly. Anyone would think you’re a rock star, the way you carry on.’

Can’t you just picture the scene? Don’t you just wish you could be there?

Well, I can’t quite magic you there, but I can invite you to ride along with Carrie and Jude’s incredible rollercoaster of magical events in my latest masterpiece, Fairy Tale in New York.


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Rock on through a wonderful festive season, my friends. Loveya!