Nicky Wells tells The Review Girl all about creating and developing a lead character….

Today, it is my great pleasure to post a guest-blog on The Review Girl as part of the virtual book tour for Sophie’s Turn.  When Komal contacted me and suggested I should write a guest blog on writing and developing a main character, my first reaction was one of despair.  I’m not a ‘trained’ writer as  such, have never been to any writing courses, and have never tried to teach  anybody else to write.  What I do, is write.  So how could I possibly offer a  guest blog on this subject?

Well, it turned out to be quite easy, once I thought about it.  Visit The Review Girl to read my guest blog…and even see a little artifact from my archives of Sophie’s Turn!

Thanks to Komal for hosting a guest blog on her site–I am delighted to be there and look forward to seeing you all there, too. 🙂

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