CentreStage: Janice Horton wows the male of the species with her latest novel!

Welcome again to CentreStage!

CentreStage showcases fantastic authors from around the world, introducing in particular my fellow featured authors at loveahappyending.com as well as fellow authors in the Sapphire Star Publishing family.  In this new, exciting feature, these authors might write for you about their lives, or their writing journey, or anything else that matters to them.  Every feature will be different in format and flavour, so watch out for a variety of stories and tales.

Today, it is my honour and my pleasure to host a fellow Loveahappyending.com author, namely the amazing Janice Horton! Welcome Janice–and I look forward to hearing about an event that really moved you just lately!

Janice writes: RomCom for Men…!

An amazing thing just happened. My latest eBook, a contemporary romance novel entitled Reaching for the Stars has received its seventeenth review on Amazon.co.uk!

You may understand that I’m pleased – it was a very complementary review – but why was it amazing you ask? Well, you see, it was from a man.  Now, there is no reason why a man should not read and enjoy this novel – as it does have a strong, topical and a humorous storyline, which is told in part from a male point of view.

It’s about a man, after all. A disillusioned and media stalked celebrity chef who has just won his third ‘star’ at the same time as losing his third wife. An irony lost on no one, least of all the infamous chef himself.

But you see, this particular male reader (having at first confessed to downloading ‘Reaching for the Stars’ by accident and reading it anyway) said he really enjoyed it and has since also downloaded my previous novel ‘Bagpipes & Bullshot’. He entitled his review ‘Romcom for Men’.

Well, to say I was delighted is an understatement because here at last was a man who didn’t think that reading a book with a romantic thread in it was not for him, and by posting his review has singlehandedly exploded the myth that my books (about relationships) are written exclusively for only half the population.

And it’s not just books, mine or otherwise, that get those misleading gender genre labels. Take movies for example; even the ones labelled War/Crime/
Action/Adventure usually have a strong thread of romance in the storyline. So why market Romance exclusive as ‘Women’s Fiction’?

Thank you to my lovely male reviewer. You not only moved me with your generosity in taking the time to put up such a wonderful review – you also made my day. RomCom for all!

Hear, hear! I couldn’t agree more! What a fabulous occasion, Janice, I am thrilled and I share your excitement about ‘wowing’ the male of the species.

Let’s find out more about Janice Horton

Janice writes romantic and descriptive novels with humour. Look out for her Amazon bestselling Bagpipes & Bullshot and latest novel Reaching for the Stars. Janice is a regular blogger and you can find her on Twitter and Facebook. When not writing novels, Janice writes lifestyle articles and has had work published in national and international magazines and regional newspapers. She has also been involved in BBC Scotland’s ‘Write Here Write Now’ project. She is a member of the Romantic Novelist’s Association and an Associate Author and Editor at Loveahappyending.com. Janice will be speaking at the Loveahappyending.com Summer Audience Event in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, on the 16th June 2012.

You can find Janice’s books on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com

A big Thank You to Janice for visiting CentreStage today and sharing her fabulous anecdote! 🙂

Now then… calling all men! Are you a closet RomCom lover?  I know at least some of you are, because I know you’ve read Janice’s book and a few of you have read my book, too… but will you own up here?

Calling the ladies: what do you think about genres? Why shouldn’t men read romantic comedies?  And you, do you read crime? Horror? Do you read them out in the open, or in secret?  Let’s have the genre/gender discussion, see what shakes out!

29 responses to “CentreStage: Janice Horton wows the male of the species with her latest novel!

  1. Rom com for all! I think men are missing out by thinking all romance is fluffy and girly! Lots of male point of view in romance books now and I even have sport and sweat in my latest book! Loved Reaching for the Stars Janice and a great blog post!

  2. Thanks Nicky for inviting me onto your Centrestage and thanks Mandy for your lovely comment. I love the idea of a Rom Com For All campaign. Yay!

    • It’s such fun having you on my blog, Janice, thanks for visitin! You are such a great lady and a wonderful author. #romcom4all… Let’s have a twitter fest some time!

  3. I love the idea of men feeling able to read ALL books! Why not romcom for all, indeed!

    Personally, I read romcom, fantasy and paranormal, classics, mystery, adventure and thriller – and that includes the Tom Clancy novels with a four page list of technical terms lol. ASW and SAMs, anyone? 😉

    I really like the fact that your reader was willing to ‘go public’ and leave you a review, Janice – good for him. 🙂

    Now I must go and check out your books….

    • Hi Joanna, thanks for visiting today! Why not indeed all books for all people? What’s with the stereotypes? I love Tom Clancy (although I’m lost on the ASW and SAMs) and I’m a big Lee Child fan. (Although… Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher? No way, come on!) I make no secret of that, though, I have been known to hold a crime thriller in my sweaty palms on the Tube! I digress… Janice’s books are fab and well worth a read for women AND men alike, so I hope you’ll enjoy them, Joanna! See you soon… XX

      • ASW = anti-submarine warfare; SAM = surface-to-air missiles 😉
        No, I can’t see Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher, either!!
        As for Janice’s books, I’m sure I’ll enjoy them – my Kindle TBR pile has grown a notch today as a result of this post! 😉

      • whooop whoop, thanks! As for Jack Reacher… how’s about Bruce Willis? that’s what he’s always looked like in my mind.

      • joannalazuliportals

        Yep, Bruce would fit the bill! 😉

  4. Don’t get me started on one of my rants about this supposed distinction ‘books for men’, ‘books for women’ or ‘women are only interested in the small stuff, men are interested in saving the world’ or nonsense like that! I think no one should feel embarassed about their choice of reading.

  5. It’s great to think that men read romcoms and to publicly admit it by leaving such a great review. Well done Janice. Shows how wonderful your book is. X

  6. I think men would be quite surprised by what some of us women write. I’ve always read crime and thriller type books, it’s only as I’ve got older I’ve turned to women’s fiction more. I don’t think I’d hide anything I was reading,… within reason but that’s the beauty of a Kindle ;0)

    Sue x

    • well now, Sue, what exactly **would** you hide?? I personally think men OUGHT to be made to read ‘rom com.’ It’s like a manual to our souls, our very being. Might answer a lot of questions for them and put an end to the eternal niggles/disagreements. Hm. I feel a blogpost coming on…. XX Thanks for visiting!

      • Wasn’t there a film with Mel Gibson in it where he could read women’s minds? I’m not sure that’s a good thing!
        Would definitely make a good post.

      • There was a film, and it was weird… but don’t forget, I’m not talking about men ‘reading’ our minds, just perhaps understanding them (our minds) a bit better. Or perhaps knowing that when we rant and rave about something, we’re quite normal in our own little ways (that Mars/Venus thing again). The post is written, actually, just waiting to come your way some time over the summer on a very special blog……..

  7. I’d definitely welcome the thought of men reading my WIP. I’m a big fan of multiple viewpoint stories and male perspectives and think it’s fab that Janice received the thumbs up, hence exploding the big mens/womens fiction myth. A couple of my male friends read romcoms/relationship tales/contemp romance and LOVE them. Likewise, some of my female friends are just as happy reading thrillers/horrors/fantasy as they are romance/sagas. Some of the stereotyping and snobbery around genres is awful. I’d definitely join the “Romance for all” club, ladies. And gents! 😉 Great post, Janice/Nicky x x

    • Hey Jan, thanks for stopping by, and love your comment. Seems that this stereotyping is just a myth, or perhaps a smokescreen. Secretly, we all read everything! So glad you could join in today, Jan, it’s lovely to see you! X

  8. Is this like breaking through the glass ceiling in RomCom? Perhaps men are becoming braver about admitting they love what you write! I know a number of guys who read romcoms but might not like the word to get out! You’re paving the way, ladies!

  9. Time to come out of the closet guys – you’ve been rumbled! You know you love reading it …. fab blog ladies!

    • Closet romance lovers, now there’s a cute concept! I seem to recall I titled my blogpost thus… wait for it, comin’ up in July! Thanks for visiting, Linn, and I’m so excited that Janice got such a fantastic response!

  10. Nice to see romantic stories getting a better reputation than it had in the “olden” days.

  11. What Women Want, Sue. Read a RomCom and find out! Haw, haw. 🙂 Love it. Well done, Nicky/Janice. x

  12. So enjoyed reading these comment – such fun! Thanks everyone.xx

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