My personal Eurovision 2012 Winner: Nije Ljubav Stvar by Željko Joksimović

It’s Music Monday!  And what better way to start the week than to honour the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest.

I love Eurovision!  I can recall watching it being very young, curled up on the sofa with my Mum and Dad.  Consequently, to pass on the tradition, we let our children watch the whole programme with us yesterday, and my 5 year-old nearly managed to stay awake through it all.  A real family occasion!

We had great fun discussing the artists, enjoyed Jedward’s bizarre performance and the highly entertaining Russian grannies.  But what we were really looking for was a voice that would captivate us, irrespective of whether we understood its words.

The Wells family is in agreement:  our favourite vocalist is Željko Joksimović! 

Here are the lyrics in English, and the voice below.

Better luck next time
You say that so easily
I can see we’re over now
But it could have been so good
Know that even if you leave
Something of  yours will stay.
Love is not a thing
That I can just give back to you
This is only me, I’ve only ever loved you
Love is not a thing
That I don’t know what do to with
I wish you just the best
This love is my sinking ship.
Your love is not a thing
That I can just give back to you
This is only me, I’ve only ever loved you.
Go,just, just go
Fly away, sing
Give your heart to someone else
But know
That goodbye is not the end.

So here is your challenge!  Irrespective of the rankings… who was YOUR favourite and why?

11 responses to “My personal Eurovision 2012 Winner: Nije Ljubav Stvar by Željko Joksimović

  1. I was out Saturday – that’s my excuse for not watching. Can’t confess to having any favourties but there are ones that have stuck in my mind for all sorts of reasons – Buck Fizz, Dana, SandieShaw, Jonny Logan, Schooch and Gina G.


    • Great things can come from Eurovision. Fab that you were out on Saturday, I hope my going out days will come back some time soon! Thank for visiting, as always! X

  2. We missed the beginning, but were, frankly, scared by some of the belting female singers… And we seem to be really rubbish at guessing what the public is going to like – certainly not the Bjork-like winner!

    • She didn’t do it for us, either. Very strange. I’m not entirely sure it’s about what Joe or Jane Public likes…. she says, ever the cynic. BTW, loved your washing machine post and will comment, have just been snowed under and will dig out tomorrow. thanks for keeping visiting in the meantime, though!

  3. I missed it too, I was out watching Mogwai at ATP at the Ally Pally being proper loud, but was addicted to it as a kid and fell in love with Bucks Fizz on it. I’m also proud to own a couple of CD singles from the event – Frances Ruffelle’s British entry in the 90s and the Norwegian winner Nocturne from a handful of years ago. There have been some awful songs along the way but also some class. Glad you still love it Nicky : )

    • Wow, you are excused! How was it? Haven’t been to Ally Pally in years… probably a decade, at least. Attended a very memorable college ball there once. Anyway, I digress. Adore Bucks Fizz and let’s not forget Abba sprang forth from among the Eurovision scene so: great things can happen! Thansk for visiting, Yasmin!

  4. I didn’t watch it either. OH played his PS3 while I was reading! Have to be honest, we haven’t watched it for quite a few years Nicky! Love your tradition x

    • Hi Shaz, I’m so envious! Wish I could have a Saturday night reading too…. Maybe when the kids are older. For now, it’s a treat to be able to do family TV evenings! And I do like the idea of Eurovision. Thanks for commenting!

      • You’ll definitely get the opportunity when they’re older! Boys have been independent for so long now. Never thought those days of sacrificing would ever end … but turns out they’re over in the blink of an eye. And I miss them! x

  5. I watched it!!!!! Wanted Russia to win, just because. glad you’re passing on the tradition to your children. Very impressed by your 5 yr old. I did find sat a bit boring and went to bed before the voting finished.. (I know, how could I?!) I might be better not watching the semi’s next year. Or holding a proper party food from each country and all that…

    • Hey Lynne! The proper party sounds like fun, I have done that in the past! Not me personally on my own, but a whole bunch of us at college. We loved the Russian contribution!! I was thinking of you when they were on… Thanks for visiting here today!

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