Author, Interrupted

Well, I never thought I’d get to use this image…. Hands up those of you who have genuinely seen on of these on the telly in their lifetimes!

If you have indeed seen one of these test cards before, you’ll know what they mean.  “The broadcaster apologises for the service interruption.”  Or it could simply mean that the channel is offline.

In my case, at this point in time, it means both.  My service is interrupted, and I am therefore offline.  Here’s why:

Yes, I’ve finally moved house, with the entire Wells family, of course.  The big day is today, Tuesday 19th June.  And the implication?  No telephone line, no cable, no broadband (ADSL or DSL, for those of you on the other side of the pond).


That’s right.  So I won’t be blogging, tweeting, emailing, using Facebook or doing anything technical at all.
No posts, not even Music Monday or CentreStage.
Nada.  Niente.
Complete Radio Silence.

How long will this sad state of affair last?  Who knows.  I’m told it could be a week from today, or more.  So… until you see me back online, I’ll have to refer you to the test card and tell you:  Author, Interrupted. But you’ll know when I’m back, rest assured.  Take care, my friends, and don’t forget to keep rockin’.  Oh, and send me some good vibes while I’m unpacking 100 boxes.

8 responses to “Author, Interrupted

  1. I’m old enough to have seen one of those! And the girl with the blackboard surrounded by her cuddly toys who is probably about a 103 now ; ) I say enjoy the cyber break. Get out in the fresh air when you can for a break from the unpacking. The sun is outside my window and I’m going to get my face out into it in a sec. I look forward to seeing your posts when you are all hooked up again, but good luck with the making a new home lark, Nicky : ) xx

  2. Perfect blog for what you’re doing. Good luck. Hope everything goes smoothly and that you don’t burn out with exhaustion. Enjoy your new place.

  3. I have liked because, YES, I remember these from my early childhood… but not liking the lack on internet access… I think I’d simply DIE!!! Hope you get it back soon.

  4. We already miss you, Nicky. 😦 Good luck with the move! 🙂

  5. Yes, I remember it, and I blush to own up to my husband being something of an expert on those images. Ahem.
    Hope all has gone well and you settle in easily. Sending hugs in case they’re needed!

  6. No Internet? OMG!!!!!! I seriously would NOT be able to cope lol

    Hope the move went well honey xx

  7. Oh yep, I’ve seen one of those too. Good luck with your move, and we will be here when you get back!

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