Our House

Music Monday: today with a home moving theme (sort of!)…

As all matters ‘house’ and ‘moving’ are dominating my life right now, I thought I’d share some of the joy and excitement with you with a classic song sporting a totally apt title.  I opted for the original rather than the fancy version on top of Buck House… And please imagine me singing at top volume as I direct the movers and supervise the Madness!

Happy Music Monday… and now, sadly, I must dash!

8 responses to “Our House

    • Haw haw, not if you saw me now. CHAOS doesn’t get it! Thanks for visiting, and it was so great to meet you on Saturday. Offline now until next week… take care….!!

  1. Loved having you with me Avis on Saturday. Hope moving day goes well.

    • Love meeting you and Avis! Thanks for the lift and the day was amazing. Moving day is upon me and the chaos is unbelievable. I thought it would be business as usual today by way of blogging etc, but I stand defeated. In fact, I’m about to log off and I won’t be back until next week… So thanks for visiting and take care! XX

  2. Of course that should have said “with me and Avis”.

  3. It’ll be a happy house, Nicky. Got to be with smiley you in it. 🙂 xx

  4. Best of luck moving to the new Castle Wells : )
    And a great song to see yourselves out of the front door with for the very last time ; ) Madness are aces! xx

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