Here Comes The Rain Again…

It’s Music Monday!

And Music Monday is making a determined bid to break the spell of appalling weather we’ve had this ‘summer.’ Move, jet stream, move! Go away! Take the rain with you!

So: in a bid to change the weather with some kind of convoluted counter-jinx, Music Monday will embrace the rain! Going forward, I shall be posting rainy day songs until the weather changes (with the exception of next week, where I have a Music Monday special edition already booked… but who knows, maybe I’ll post on Sunday instead to keep the spell going?).

Here goes: rainy day song #1–a Eurythmics classic and very appropriate. “Here comes the rain again…”

Whoa! So then… will you help me change the weather? Let me know your favourite rainy day song!


8 responses to “Here Comes The Rain Again…

  1. I love that song and the video!! Though I remember reading an interview with her where she said she was FREEZING and the whole thing was a really uncomfortable experience. That’s suffering for your art lol : )
    For me, it’s weird, as the song that immediately sprang to mind was the Jesus and Mary Chain’s ‘ Only Happy When It Rains’ but then oddly the song that makes me think of rain and the vibe of rain was this one:

    I guess though the one to bring back the rays is Zoe’s Sunshine on a Rainy Day. Hint, hint, skies.. x x

    • Hey! Glad you enjoyed it. As it’s still raining with no end in sight, according to the forecasters, I’m taking note of your suggestions. If it doesn’t get better by mid next week, I’ll be posting rain songs every day. We will break this jinx!!

  2. I like the Eurythmics’ songs. My favourite rainy song is Brook Benton’s Rainy Night in Georgia.

  3. Oh! My favorite would have to be No Rain by Blind Melon. You have to love this song when you see that sweet little bee girl. This has a peppy tempo and will cheer you up.

  4. What about ‘It’s Raining Men’ by the Weather Girls – surely that’s the nicest sort of rain?

    • I’m adding it to the list! Just had torrential downpour today. Reminded me of a near hurricane (aka tropical storm) I experienced in the States once. Roll on hurricane shelters, huh? Seriously, keep the suggestions coming and I will up the frequency of posting. We’ll beat the weather yet!

  5. There’s actually two rainy days I love.
    The first is sweet but somewhat sad.

    The second one is about being so happy that nothing can bother you even if it’s raining.

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