Come to the Rock Star Party!

Yes, you read that right: come to the Rock Star Party at the Festival of Romance in Bedford on Saturday, 17th November 2012! 

Why? WHY?

Do you really need to ask? Because I’ll be there, bringing along stories of Sophie and Dan! And copies of Sophie’s Turn which, by then, will have been released by Sapphire Star Publishing–whoop!  And who knows what else will be going on…

Moreover, it’s not just me, oh no! You and I will be in illustrious company as the wonderful Mandy Baggot, Sue Moorcroft and Jane Lovering will be there too, bringing their respective rock star heroes. It’ll be a blast!

Check out the full programme for the entire festival… and don’t forget to buy your tickets.  🙂 Oh, and do let me know that you’re coming so I can plan a proper treat for you! Rock on!!

16 responses to “Come to the Rock Star Party!

  1. Sounds lovely – I do like the idea of you being let loose at festivals… Bedford won’t know what’s hit it! Good timing too for the re-released novel!

    • You are so right–Bedford, watch out, rock chick alert!! Brilliant timing indeed, my first big outing ‘with book.’ Wish you could make it… but long trip, huh? x 🙂

  2. projectwhitespace

    Aww! So excited for you! Wish i could be there! Cant wait to get sophies turn!

  3. Hi Nicky – I have been trying to contact Festival of Romance to see if I can come along as an author but I think I am too late. No replies as yet – do you have a contact name there? PS I was intrigued about their Erotica Party (!) – sounds like something from a dodgy late-night TV channel?

  4. Bedford will be rocking! Can’t wait for Sophie’s Turn to be out there – roll on September!

  5. I’d be there if it wasn’t half a world away.

  6. Brilliant timing to be able to rock out with your new book release and party!

  7. Thanks for the mention, Nicky. I have to be scrupulously honest and say that my hero isn’t a rock star. I just thought that alcohol and rock chicks was more me than afternoon tea! (Even if there are cakes.)

    Looking forward to the whole Festival of Romance. I really enjoyed last year.

    • I like your style, Sue! If rock chick is more you than afternoon tea, all I can say is: rock on! Look forward to seeing you there, it’s my first ‘big outing’ with book: whoop! Thanks for visiting and commenting. 🙂

  8. thinking about it.. sounds like a mad thing to do but in Nov.. hmm.. will need to bring something to write with. nano.. not worked out what my genre is yet..

    • Oooh, Lynne, please do come: it’ll be such fun! Mad is good. Remember Seal? ‘we’re never gonna survive unless… we go a little crazy?’ My life’s a mad whirl at the moment, so come and join in. Would be LOVELY to meet you and you’ll get plenty of ideas for nano! xx

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