Walking on sunshine…

It’s Music Monday!

And I’m walking on sunshine here. I don’t care what the weather is actually like, this is going to be one amazing week. Probably not far off being as amazing as getting married or giving birth. In a roundabout way, I’m probably doing both again, although in reverse order, but still with a big party to mark the occasion.

First, I’m going to give birth to my first ever traditionally published book this coming Thursday… and thereby I am officially getting married to my career as an author. Yup, that wasn’t really real before but it sure will be now. Weird, huh?

Anyway, enough of that. I’m walking on sunshine, and don’t it feel good?

I am the total feel-good blog this week. And if this clip has put you in a good mood, don’t forget to come back on Thursday for the REAL party… rock on, my friends. 🙂

What did you do the first time you heard Katrina and the Waves? I remember dancing like mad at a school party…

19 responses to “Walking on sunshine…

  1. I can’t remember when I first heard it, but I’ve always been shy when it came to moving to music so I doubt I danced to it! Nevertheless, the track always had me tapping my feet and smiling wide!

    Here’s to a FABULOUS week for you, Nicky, and won’t it feel GOOD! 😀

  2. I can hear your enthusiasm all the way over here – have a wonderful week, honey!

    • Thanks, Marina–hope to share the joy with you all the way, hehehe~see you Thursday? BTW–are the kids back in school yet at your end? Mine have another two day days of freedom…

      • Freedom for them, nervous breakdown for us? Ahem, I did NOT say that. Mine go back tomorrow and I have been buying stationery products, packing schoolbags and marking names on things like crazy… oh, and I have to prepare for some training courses I’ll be running later this month, plus write an article I should have done last week, plus three book reviews plus… But I will do my best to join you even briefly on Thursday, can’t stay away on your BIG DAY!!!

  3. Morning Nicky
    The link you’ve provided doesn’t work on this side of “the pond.”
    Here is one that does.

  4. Hi Again Nicky

    An eye for an eye.
    A tooth for a tooth.
    It’s Monday again and you’ve got another tune for us.
    So in return I’ve got another tune for you.

    While your song for us has a joyous overtune for seemingly one aspect in someone’s love life, for me it brings to mind having a love which might be around all the night, a love which one wants to have around all the time. So in return my song today deals with the same issue. And since today is also Monday, the song I giving you and your readers is ………….

  5. I’m walking on sunshine too Nicky! Can’t wait for your release! So excited!

  6. I’m so excited for you, Nicky! 😀

  7. Countdown…. can’t wait and am so thrilled for you Nicky! It’s truly Sophie’s Turn!

    • Certainly is!! Can’t wait! After today’s events, am SO happy that I’m partying here as well as FB. Backup and double backup, if FB packs up, just come here!! Thanks so much, Linn, you’re my sunshine!

  8. As usual listening a day late.. Will be thinking of you (thursday but apols if it’s Friday..) having a ball!!

  9. You absolutely deserve to be walking on sunshine and I for one and wishing you an amazing week!

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