Missing You

It’s Music Monday!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a great start to the week! I’m posting today’s song for three reasons.

One, it’s a classic, as far as I’m concerned (obviously).

Two, we had some very special friends visiting over the weekend. We don’t see them very often and it was painful and bitter-sweet to waive them goodbye at the door, watching them drive off, not knowing when we’ll see them again.

And three, I am still without my darling laptop and I am feeling the pain. Greatly.

So here goes, for everyone who’s missing someone or something…

Rock on. Isn’t it gorgeous? Makes me go soft and gooey every time, the pain and the contradiction, the defiance and acknowledgement:

I ain’t missing you at all (missing you!)

Perfectly expressed. Do you have a bittersweet feel-good song? I’d love to hear about it.

If you do choose to embed a link, please respect the artist’s copyright and keep my blog safe by using only official sources, e.g. a video uploaded by the band itself or by VEVO. I reserve the right to delete clips from dubious sources. 🙂

17 responses to “Missing You

  1. I always like Mr. Bojangles 🙂 Especially Neil Diamond’s version

  2. Oh God I have this song on 7″, it’s a great song : ) Good choice Nicky.

    I do have a couple of songs that sum up a situation I still feel raw, bittersweet and hurt about – one is the Goyte song ‘ Somebody I Used To Know’ and the other is newer it’s a song called ‘Sunset’ on the new album Co-exist by The XX, The lyrics just slay me. I saw them at 6Music last month and heard them perform this live:

    It’s the lines: ‘You were more than just a friend/Oh the feeling/ It never came to an ending’ and ‘It felt like you really knew me and now you see through me’ The last week has been tough because of it, but I am wrapping my head around it. x x

    • Great song, Yasmin!! I have to confess that I wasn’t familiar with it but I certainly am now. It’s haunting and has beautiful lyrics. Thanks for using a legit source, too. Keeps me and my blog safe! X

  3. Hi Nicky
    Here we are again, another Monday, another song for us and another “challenge” for me/us to respond with a song with the same basic message. Anyway, the only reason I’m here so early is that my cat woke me, demanding to be fed and I must oblige or he’ll start being annoying in his own way. Having fed him and as so as I post my reply, I shall return to the arms of morpheus for a couple more winks.
    Anyway, I love these Monday morning song “challenges” to shift through my memory of songs, most of which are from my younger days; and to add to the “challenge” I endeavor/endeavor to come up with a song/video which is somehow connected to your “side of the pond.” So my bittersweet song for you and your wonderful followers today is:

    • OMG, Robin, this is one of all my all time favourite songs!!! I posted Jacque Brel’s original version on Music Monday a few months ago… If you don’t know this version, it’s well worth checking it out. Alas, there’s no legal version to be embedded from YouTube so there’s only a link but do click through. http://wp.me/p1HzVM-nC XX Thank you for posting!

  4. I love that track, too! But I can’t think of one to come back with. All the music I have, and I can’t think of one! (I am pretty tired, to be fair!) There must be one by Journey, surely? Maybe I’ll think of one at 3am tomorrow morning hehe.

    Love your Music Mondays, Nicky – please keep ’em coming!

    • Thanks, Jo! Sorry to hear you are so tired although… I’m right there with you today. Have just woken up from an unscheduled 1hour nap on the sofa. My head is so full of cold that my brain isn’t really functioning. **end of sob story** If you do think of a song, feel free to come back! And yes, I’ll keep the Music Monday coming as long as I can find the official tune on YouTube. x

  5. Hi Nicky, I absolutely adore John Waite! He was first with The Baby’s in the ’70s, then with Bad English in the ’80s and finally, when he did Missing You, a solo singer. Have all his music on my computer and have put it on current playlists to use with my WIP as it’s so relevant!

  6. OMG I love John Waite’s Missing You 🙂 Memories! x

    • Isn’t it amazing how music can do that! Next time we share a real-life drink, you’ll have to fill me in on those memories… XX Thank for visiting and sharing, Shaz!

  7. I used to cry like a baby whenever I would hear that song!

  8. I always get a blast from the past when I visit your blog Nicky 🙂

    Great choice!


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