Sex on fire

It’s Music Monday!

It’s a very special Monday, as far as I am concerned. While you are reading and listening to this post, I will almost certainly have disconnected the internet and muted the phone. For today I return to work ‘proper.’ It is my first day of writing the last part of the Rock Star Romance Trilogy.

Yes, I am officially writing in earnest, and at full speed, my third book, Sophie’s Encore, so that it will be in your hands on 7 September 2013. 

As befits the final part of a trilogy, things will seriously hot up here. So what better song to get me (and you) in the mood? “Consumed with what’s to transpire…” Well, that totally captures it for me today!

Kick back and enjoy… and I’ll see you later, much later…


Rock on!

Do you have a special song for kicking off a new project, whether a book or any other undertaking? Something to get you in the right frame of mind? I’d love to hear it!

But please remember to stay the right side of copyright law and keep it legal by posting official videos only. Thank you!

27 responses to “Sex on fire

  1. Ooo-er, missus! Good luck with *serious* work (wish I could join you in doing it).

    • **waves** Thanks for your comment. What’s stopping you from *serious* work, sweetie? x

      • Paid work. After a day of training, I find myself so tired, I can’t think at all, let all alone write.

      • Ah. Earning the crust. I ought to, myself, but we’re doing without my crust at the moment. Not sure how long for… Sending you hugs and lots of inspiration. Someone recently asked me what I would chose if I could have one super power. Guess what I said? You got it. I’d get by without sleep! XX

      • Hey, you’re going to be earning your crust with your Rocking trilogy. Very soon!

      • Love ya! XX

  2. A fab place to be Nicky – a new project, a clear PC screen – so what to write? Have to say my current project is motoring well – now 7500 words in – hope yours will too! Love Kings of Leon. Getting inspired with all things Dare at the moment! Have a great day!

  3. It’s about the only track of theirs I’m familiar with. There’s so much good (and favourite) music to listen to; how to fit it all in? Just like books…. 😉

    Sending you happy writing vibes and hope Sophie enjoys the lead-up to her encore. So glad your laptop is feeling better as well and you have all your writerly tools, Mrs Super-Organised. 🙂

    I’ll be writing again ‘proper’ once the kitchen refit is finally complete – I can’t wait!

    • Weyhey, it’s such a nice feeling to get writing again, I bet you’ll enjoy it once your kitchen is all beautified! Thanks for commenting and visiting today, you rock!

  4. Good Afternoon Nicky – For some reason today I didn’t get an email announcing you’ve posted a new Musical Monday and I had to go searching for you to see if everything is okay. Well here I am.
    Today you’ve asked us to supply a song which we use to kick off a new project, whether a book or any other undertaking–something to get us in the right frame of mind. I don’t have one per se, but as I sit writing my next novel, as I did for my, I’ve got to reply on my imagination to create the world of my story, all its characters, and all the events which occur. It should obvious to you by now for me to do this I must rely on one thing, and one thing only and that thing is:

    • Haha, Robin, you crack me up. What a song choice! Thank you for visiting and for coming to look for this post. Sometimes email notification gets lost or delayed, but I’m glad you got here anyway! xx

      • THANKS for the compliment as I try to please all of your readers by selecting my own song to fulfill your requestion each week for us to give you our song. The other fun part besides trying to find an appropriate song to trying to write a good lead into the song I’ve chosen. So TTFN until our next musical interlude for the week.

  5. Haha – you do realise you will have some new followers from the title of the post 😛 x

  6. Honestly, I could not write without my music to inspire me. My favorite band is Three Days Grace.

  7. KOL are of course my most favourite group EVER so I very much approve of your song choice. 🙂

  8. There is a song by Five called Keep On Moving which came out in the late 90s I think? I remember being mortified at how much I loved it as I was all about hardcore grunge back then. I was dating the Scorpio and persuaded him to go into Our Price and buy it for me lol!!! But it is such a positive, upbeat, empathic song about just trying to get on with things however tough a spot you might have found yourself in. I’ll see if I can find the video.

  9. Here it is! It’s SUCH a lovely song, I can’t believe it’s by bloody Five lol. It is such a gem. Really good to hear it again, actually : )
    Oh and I really like the Kings of Leon track, it’s pretty epic. Those boys need a bit of a slap though, sadly their egos can’t get through the door, the tales I could tell you about them. x

    • OOOOH, thank you for posting, totally forgot about this song. Awesome! Now the, tales… Please do tell. Offline, if you wish. Always love these kinds of nuggets……… Pretty please!

  10. I don’t want to rain on Sue’s KOL love parade and musically I own one of their albums too, so was disappointed as well, but there was this:

    And this just tickled me, i just wonder if the fans got a refund as i bet the tickets weren’t cheap. They left the stage after 3 songs. There is a pun in there somewhere…x

    • Oooh, rock star gossip! Cool! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. This is the stuff books are made of, ha! However… it is a little disappointing. What a lot of attitude, huh? Thanks for sharing, Yasmin! Sue ~ they make great music and they have the egos to match, it appears. Please tell me they’re STILL you favourite band!!!

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