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Sex on fire

It’s Music Monday!

It’s a very special Monday, as far as I am concerned. While you are reading and listening to this post, I will almost certainly have disconnected the internet and muted the phone. For today I return to work ‘proper.’ It is my first day of writing the last part of the Rock Star Romance Trilogy.

Yes, I am officially writing in earnest, and at full speed, my third book, Sophie’s Encore, so that it will be in your hands on 7 September 2013. 

As befits the final part of a trilogy, things will seriously hot up here. So what better song to get me (and you) in the mood? “Consumed with what’s to transpire…” Well, that totally captures it for me today!

Kick back and enjoy… and I’ll see you later, much later…


Rock on!

Do you have a special song for kicking off a new project, whether a book or any other undertaking? Something to get you in the right frame of mind? I’d love to hear it!

But please remember to stay the right side of copyright law and keep it legal by posting official videos only. Thank you!