Forever Young

It’s Music Monday… and I’m in a philosphical mood!

Why? Oh, many reasons. Having kids gets me thinking, from time to time. When my brain works, that is ~ LOL! You know, the meaning of life and all that. Plus sometimes, just sometimes, I find myself wishing I could be a kid again. (Not a teenager mind, ugh, no thank you).

Writing the third part in my trilogy is making me unexpectedly wistful. As is in the nature of a trilogy, my characters have grown and evolved in every way, including in age. They in turn are feeling nostalgic and philosophical about years past and missed opportunities.

Lastly, Highlander was on the telly again (when is it ever not on the telly these days?) and while I adore the Queen soundtrack, there is another song that springs to mind when I hear the two words, Forever Young.

I wonder how many of you might have heard this song, know of this band. They were a huge hit in Germany way back when and I seem to recall this song being in the charts… forever. So there it is. I hope you enjoy!


What’s your wistful and philosophical song, perhaps with served with a tinge of bittersweet nostalgia?

10 responses to “Forever Young

  1. As often happens when you ask a question, my mind goes blank! Perhaps that’s because when I saw the title of the song you’d chosen, I immediately thought of ‘Forever Young’ by heavy rockers, Tyketto.

    I guess many songs from the 80s take me into Wistful Lane, simply because I was so much younger then!

    PS I love the Highlander movie – I watched it in the South of France, aged 14 – my French friend chose it for us as it was easier for me to follow than, say, Out of Africa! 😉

    • Jo, what an AWESOME song, thank you! I’d never heard this before but it’s totally up my street. Thank you!!!! *rocks out in front of the screen* x

      • You’re welcome. I had a work colleague who led me into all sorts of trouble – namely introducing me to melodic and hard rock bands that aren’t mainstream, and encouraging me to spend faaaarrrrr too much of my salary on CDs! 😉

  2. Oh, that brings back so many memories. ‘Do you really want to live forever…?’ I guess the answer is yes, through your books and your children.

    • Aw, you caught the philosophical bug! I gather you knew this song way back when, too! Thank you for visiting and commenting and…I must keep working on those books and brush up on the parenting, LOL! x

  3. Well here we are, another Music Monday, another opportunity for us to rack our minds to come up with a musical response…
    Wistful and philosophical, so that’s the type of song you us to come up with this week.
    Mmm… Well since you gave us Forever Young by Alphaville, and Joanna match you with the same song title by Tyketto, there’s one song and only one song which immediately comes to my mind; it’s a very wistful and philosophical song which tells us, Tempest Fugit [tells us how fast time flees in our lives]. It’s a song we’ve all must have heard a hundred times, a song which can bring a tear to our eyes, and that song is:

    • Hey, Robin, good morning! Another philosopher, I started a trend. Time flies indeed… thank you for posting your song; do you know, I hadn’t actually heard this before and that’s why I love the feature. I love that you folks are posting suggestions back and I get to find new stuff. Awesome! Thank you and… keep rocking (I *have* to say that even if your song choice is more mellow. It’s what I say! XX) 🙂

    I’ve been waiting behind the stage door for you to make your appearance. I can’t believe you’ve never heard the score from Fiddler on the Roof, one of the best musical of the Broadway stage. Well live and learn. I thought you’d like a more mellow tune which adds to the sense of being wistful and philosophical, It really makes you think about life and all that, and of growing up.
    Can’t wait for your next musical challenge

  5. The first Highlander film was great – fantastic soundtrack. Who Wants to Live Forever a favourite of mine.

    • I *love* that track. First one I ever played on my brand-spanking new serious stereo with a kick ass amplified and massive speakers… way back when. (I still have it, and it still works!). Thank you for visiting, Sue! X

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