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Forever Young

It’s Music Monday… and I’m in a philosphical mood!

Why? Oh, many reasons. Having kids gets me thinking, from time to time. When my brain works, that is ~ LOL! You know, the meaning of life and all that. Plus sometimes, just sometimes, I find myself wishing I could be a kid again. (Not a teenager mind, ugh, no thank you).

Writing the third part in my trilogy is making me unexpectedly wistful. As is in the nature of a trilogy, my characters have grown and evolved in every way, including in age. They in turn are feeling nostalgic and philosophical about years past and missed opportunities.

Lastly, Highlander was on the telly again (when is it ever not on the telly these days?) and while I adore the Queen soundtrack, there is another song that springs to mind when I hear the two words, Forever Young.

I wonder how many of you might have heard this song, know of this band. They were a huge hit in Germany way back when and I seem to recall this song being in the charts… forever. So there it is. I hope you enjoy!


What’s your wistful and philosophical song, perhaps with served with a tinge of bittersweet nostalgia?