Bring Me To Life

It’s Music Monday!

…and the theme is Halloween. (Of course)

So the obvious choice would have been Thriller but that would have been a bit boring. I was intrigued to find that Tubular Bells features on the Top 10 of Halloween party songs and would have gladly posted it except I couldn’t find a legal version.

But inspiration struck! By free association and wracking my brain, I can usually find just the right song, and today’s choice is perfect, in my humble opinion. I saw this band live when they were touring the UK on the crest of the success of this very same song, and they were awesome, so that makes it a double pleasure to post the clip.

Hard, ethereal, haunting, lyrical, just like the band name. Enjoy!

Evanescence; derivative of evanesce; pass out of sight, memory or existence. Well, there you go, that’s spooky in and as of itself!

What’s your favourite Halloween song? And… do you go trick-or-treating? Do you apple-bob? Go on, you can tell us here… 🙂

PS ~ Just for the record, I wrote this post BEFORE last Saturday’s Xfactor show. #justsaying

24 responses to “Bring Me To Life

  1. What a great choice, Nicky! The first time I heard this (it was on TV) I was mesmerised by the contrast between the hard, edgy vocals and music and the floating, haunting sound of the female vocalist. A good song for Hallowe’en indeed. 🙂

    Nope, no trick or treating here. Very boring! (Very exhausted a lot of the time!) I do remember apple bobbing when I was in the Girl Guides, though!

    Enjoy your Hallowe’en week 🙂

    • Oh God, Jo, you and me both. I’d heard the song on the radio on and off but I remember catching the video on a late show (must have been 2 a.m. or something, this was clearly before kids!). I was totally mesmerized, one hundred per cent. I bought the album the next day (favourite song there, apart from Bring Me To Life: Tourniquet!!) and concert tickets the following week. They were amazing to see live; young and a little rough around the edges, but determined and together. Awesome! Glad you liked my Halloween offering, LOL! XX Rock on…. (we must get together some time and really rock, you and me!) x

  2. Great song choice Nicky.

    Mine isn’t spooky but the theme song from ‘Ghostbusters’ must surely feature this week?!


    • Indeed! I did think about posting Ghostbusters, it is in the Halloween Top 10. But then… I fancied something different and something that I really love. Am thinking of showing the boys Ghostbusters but I suspect they might be too young… must check out that rating, LOL. I’ve only ever seen it in German so I only know all the best lines — in German!!! Have a great day. 🙂

  3. Love Evanescence Nicky, Amy Lee’s voice is incredible. My favourite track of theirs is My Heart is Broken which was on my playlist when I wrote my latest book Between Today and Yesterday. But for Halloween I’m going way back and have chosen Lindisfarne’s Lady Eleanor. I include a verse which shows it really does qualify for Halloween. Will post on Facebook and dedicate to your Music Monday! xx

    ‘She tied my eyes with a ribbon of silken ghostly thread
    I gazed with troubled vision
    On an old four poster bed
    Where Eleanor had risen to kiss the neck below my head
    And bade me come along with her to the land of the dancing dead.’

    • Goosbump moment, JO! Thank you so much, and so glad you liked my choice today. You rock! You and Jo and I, we ought to go out on a rocking night out soon. Isn’t there a Dare concert to be gone to? Come on, Darren, get that show on the road…… XX

  4. There must have been a problem with my first link.
    With Hurricane Sandy due to hit the New York — I can’t really sleep. The subway [the underground] began to shut down at 7:00PM Sunday night
    and the buses at 9:00 PM Schools, governmental offices, and the Stock Market are closed. And there’s no word as to when they’ll be back up. But, I’m okay where I’m – no flooding anticipated; the same is not true for some areas nearby with MANDATORY EVACUATION.
    Anyway … so you want a Halloween song today. There are scores and scores of them…However the that I love the best is, in this version you see the artist sing his own song

    What do you think of it? Have you ever heard this one before?

    • First of all, Robin: stay safe and take care! I hope this hurricane blows over without damage or loss for you and all your loved ones, and in fact everyone over your side of the world. Thinking of you!

      Great song choice, and another introduction to a new song. You’re greatly expanding my musical frame of reference here, thank you! 🙂 You take care now and please let us know that you’re safe! xx

      • OOPS !!! Forgot to tell you and all of your followers everything is just “DUCKY”. The wind has picked up and most of the heavy rains will be further south from where I live in New York.
        All transportation is suspended until after the hurricane passes which should be early Wednesday but there’s no word when it will actutally resume. Meanwhile everything is shutdown. No schools, governmental offices, and even the NY Stock Exchange. Still have no idea if I’m going to get any mail [post] today.
        THANKS everyone for your concerns.

  5. Funnily enough Robin/Nicky this was on the radio this morning (because of Halloween I guess) – what a coinicdence!!!

    • The same singer did a similar song for Christmas, it’s called “Monster’s Holiday” let me know if you think everyone would like to hear it. It’s no coincidence you heard it being played–it’s a classic Halloween song.

  6. You’re quite welcomed. Glad you liked my choice of song this week and that I’m able to expand your musical frame of reference. But then again, I’ve got another two months to go before I can start collecting social security [federal government dole] if I so choose–it increases the longer I wait to start gettig it. Age does have its’ benefits. 🙂
    And THANKS for your wishes for us here to be safe. 😀 😀
    Have a

  7. Jessie D (Alexandria VA)

    I love this song Nicky, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen the music video – thanks for posting! But I think Robin’s right – whenever I think Halloween song, I think Monster Mash or The One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying Purple-People Eater:

    • FABULOUS. Wow, I’m finding so many new Halloween nuggets here today, thank you ~ and very glad to see you stop by, Jessie, I’m always mega chuffed when you leave a comment. Glad you enjoyed and… Rock on! XX

  8. So glad you didn’t go for Thriller, love Evanescence 🙂
    RE Halloween. At the moment, just thanking my lucky stars we couldn’t get on the plane to NY where I was supposed to meet up with my American publisher. No Christmas shopping either, very glad my wonderful editor is stranded and couldn’t get back to NY.

    • Delighted you loved it and thanks for commenting! Am also very glad to know that you are safe and sound on this side of the Atlantic, and I hope everyone you (and I) know over there remain safe and sound. XX

  9. I love this song! It’s the first song on the Dangerous Embrace playlist and opens the book. 🙂
    I don’t know if I have a favorite Halloween song. I’ll have to think about that. I’m sooo not into Halloween this year. I’ve had so much going on, I haven’t had much time to put into it. 😦

    • Ha! Dana, I knew there was a connection there. I could almost *hear* this when I was reading Dangerous Embrace ~ awesome! I haven’t much time to get into the Halloween spirit but it is mightily upon us, with the kids you just don’t have any choice. 🙂

  10. I love those guys and especially that song.

  11. I’ve never bobbed for apples or trick-or-treated… but I still love that song! 🙂

    • I have to confess, I’ve never done the apple-bobbing thing, I’m way too self conscious about the impact on my hair (not that I’m vain, or anything). But I have been trick-or-treating, albeit the German way. Same custom, different time. Great fun! X

  12. Ooh, I missed this! FAB post. Tubular Bells was my first ever record (the plastic sort)! Still have it. Still love it! You do know it was used in The Exorcist? Spooky! 🙂 xx

  13. Monster Mash, Flying Purple People Eater, and This Is Halloween (the original from “Nightmare Before Christmas”) are my favorites.

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