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Bring Me To Life

It’s Music Monday!

…and the theme is Halloween. (Of course)

So the obvious choice would have been Thriller but that would have been a bit boring. I was intrigued to find that Tubular Bells features on the Top 10 of Halloween party songs and would have gladly posted it except I couldn’t find a legal version.

But inspiration struck! By free association and wracking my brain, I can usually find just the right song, and today’s choice is perfect, in my humble opinion. I saw this band live when they were touring the UK on the crest of the success of this very same song, and they were awesome, so that makes it a double pleasure to post the clip.

Hard, ethereal, haunting, lyrical, just like the band name. Enjoy!

Evanescence; derivative of evanesce; pass out of sight, memory or existence. Well, there you go, that’s spooky in and as of itself!

What’s your favourite Halloween song? And… do you go trick-or-treating? Do you apple-bob? Go on, you can tell us here… 🙂

PS ~ Just for the record, I wrote this post BEFORE last Saturday’s Xfactor show. #justsaying