I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

It’s Music Monday!!
It’s a Festive Music Monday!!


What can I say? Yesterday was the third Sunday of Advent. It’s only one week to go to Christmas. The decorations are up (excepting the tree), the food is ordered, the presents are wrapped. We’ve seen the school nativity, the local Christmas panto (Peter Pan, and very good it was too!), done the Lincoln Santa Fun Run and attended the church Carol-by-Candlelight Service. Christmas is very definitely a-coming… and I don’t want this fun season to end. Need I say more?

Tell me ~ what festive fun have you been up to this past week? Are you ready?

I look forward, as always, to your tuneful responses. Just please respect the artist’s copyright and choose a legal upload~ thank you! 🙂 X

9 responses to “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

    My !!! My !!! Would that become quite mundane.
    If everyday could be it, then no one would do any work, etc . We would all partake the Christmas punch and the “brew” which be in it. So, since you’ve decided to have Christmas everyday in a song, you leave me no alternative but to do the same. So my song for Christmas everyday is a song sung by “The King” himself :

    Hope everyone will enjoy listening to my holiday selection for this Monday.
    And Nicky, THANKS for another opportunity to do something today, other than getting up early, stay up for a few, and then go back to bed. Love to read your response when I get up again later.

    • Robin, you are so lovely. I feel even more Christmassy now ~ what a beautiful, mellow song complete with snow and gorgeous house (can I have it, btw? Thank you!). So glad you enjoyed my post today and that it got you into the mood. That’s a job well done for both of us. Have a great day! X

      • THANKS for the wonderful compliment. If you the description which was with the post, this had been the last holiday single “The King” ever recorded. I thought you’d love listening as much as I did. And thanks for cleaning up the mess with my post. I’ve got to learn to resist trying to respond so early in the morning if I wake up early [4 AM]. But for some reason my doing this has grown into sort of habit with me [one which I love having] Can’t wait for your post for Christmas Eve.

        One of my wishes for you for Christmas is that : Dass der Weihnachtsmann sollte Sie nicht verlassen Klumpen von Kohle.
        😀 😀 😀
        [Santa shouldn’t leave you any lumps of coal]
        Hope my German grammar was correct.

      • Robin, you make me smile. Your German is near-perfect and I understood you very well indeed. I don’t think I’ll be getting any coal any time soon, LOL. (I hope!) Ich wuensche Dir auch ein frohes Weihnachtsfest und einen guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr! XXX

  2. Tree is up (as you know) I spent 3 hours Christmas shopping at the weekend and got it all done in one go. My daughter has written out all the Christmas cards which have now been delivered. All I have to do is wrap the presents. Go me!

    • Happy wrapping, Sue! When did Christmas turn into so much stress, I wonder? Isn’t it meant to be the time of restful preparation for good things to happen? Ha, not in our house. Glad you enjoyed the post though, and hope you’re all sorted by now. XXX

  3. Ha! Well…we’ve put up our tree three times. It was apparently grown on a hill and is slanted so it keeps falling over. 🙂 Besides that, we haven’t done much. I didn’t even attend my department’s holiday party. Three more days of work though, then I’m free to have some fun. Merry Christmas, Nicky.

    • *waves* Three times, that’s dedication. There’s a Christmas film that springs to mind… Nah, I won’t go there. *smiles* Hope you’re having a relaxing last few days at work before the holidays and wishing you all the very best for a FABULOUS Christmas. 2012 has been all the better for gaining you as a SSP sister, Dana: thanks for everything. XX

  4. Aw…thank you! Joining the SSP group and having new friends like you has certainly been the highlight of my year too.

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