Fizzy lobster

You know I love my seafood.
I wanted lobster for my birthday, so I got lobster for my birthday.


I wanted fizz for my birthday, so I got that too.


Have Lobster, will eat it *wields knife*… who’s first for a piece of the action?


And to top it all…. authentic French cuisine also muscled in.


Perfect day.
And all my friends and family are here too. Could it get any better?


15 responses to “Fizzy lobster

  1. That is totally amazing Nicky, not sure about the knife wielding though! the poor lobster looks terrified!

  2. Happy birthday, Nicky! Had forgotten the exact date, except I knew it was near Christmas. An amazing cake, indeed!

    If I had only known, I might have baked a cake. I got concerned when you seemed to have disappeared–not doing your timely responses to the comments we leave. Anyway hope you had a FABulous one. Since I didn’t give you anything, and had just wished you had a FABulous one. Since I can’t a note to save my life, the only way I can think of making it more FABulous is for the FAB FOUR to do it for me:

    BTW – I’ve change the link to my blog over to my duplicate blog on WordPress

    • Awww, thanks so much, Robin ~ this is so cute! A birthday song for me on my birthday. Sorry I didn’t pick this up until now, things were a bit hectic yesterday but I’m just catching up now. 🙂 Have a rocking great day, hon! X

  4. Happy Birthday, lobster-loving romance-(w)riting Nicky! 🙂 Love the cake and the fizz. I’ll leave the moules to you! xxxxxx

    • Oh I do love my lobsters! I got a real one as well (frozen, I hasten to add, lest you think I really need to wield that knife); not sure when he’ll meet his destiny but… looking forward to it. Thanks for joining me on my birthday, Jo! XX

  5. I can’t believe I nearly missed your birthday! 😦


    Hope you’re being spoilt rotten!


  6. Great pix! So glad you had a lovely day. You totally deserved it : ) xx

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