Here I Go Again

It’s Music Monday!


And it’s exactly one month to the date of the release of Sophie’s Run!! Whoooop ~ how excited am I? So to honour my rock star additcion and to get YOU in the mood for my second book, I will be posting some of my most favorite rock songs over the next four weeks.

This one is a classic. Enough said!

IF, for whatever reason, this official video does not work in your country, try following this link to another version. 🙂

Are you ready for Sophie’s Run?

Rock on!

21 responses to “Here I Go Again

  1. You’ve got to watch Rock of Ages if you’ve not seen it already, it’s out on DVD and it’s such a fun movie and this song is featured in it. I love a bit of Whitesnake : ) I’ve never seen a video of this version sans Tawny Kitaen on the bonnet of a car! This must be the song first time round : ) xx

    • *waves* Hi Yasmin, so happy you could visit. I haven’t seen Rock of Ages yet ~ meant to catch it in the cinema but never got a baby sitter organised. I’ll defo get the DVD!!! Glad you liked the song and I’m afraid I’m out of my depth on the video front. We only got MTV at home a few months before I left for England so my knowledge of videos is scant. But the music’s all in my head! Have a great day!!! x

  2. See you are heavily into your rock gods Nicky! Loved Whitesnake when they were about and especially David Coverdale!

  3. Here we go again, the first day of a new year, with new opportunities for both you and me.
    The moment I saw your title for today’s I had the perfect song, but, alas you used it. So what I’m supposed to do to come up with a great response song. Then all a sudden it hit me, let me pick a song for Sophie to sing, a song which I feel might describe how she’s feeling with a former love interest reentering her life, causing her to somehow loose sense of what’s happening. So to Sophie,I dedicate this song about her former love interest coming back into her life:.

    • INSPIRED!!!!!!! Thank you, Robin. You have NO idea how apt this song is!! Happy Monday. xx

      • Glad you REALLY LOVED this song. I’ve sent you an email explaining why I chose this song. “AGE” does have it’s advantages.
        Here’s my wishes for everyone and their families to have a VERY Happy New Year and GOOD LUCK in all of your writing endeavors [especially your endeavours Nicky]

  4. I love this track! I think it was on my “Hot City Nights” double cassette, before CDs were generally available! Nothin’ like a bit of classic rock to put a smile on my face. 🙂

  5. So wonderful to see this again. Loved this band. Was lucky enough to record at same studio as them and to chat to the band years ago. Nice guys, still go weak at the knees thinking about them all. Only one month to go Nicky!

  6. One month? Squeeee! 😀

  7. Whitesnake is good, but I have always LOVED Dolly Parton’s Here You Come Again. 🙂

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