Open Your Heart

It’s Music Monday!

NewMusicMondayLogoAnd it’s launch week for Sophie’s Run, whoohooo! In keeping with my rock theme during the countdown to Sophie’s Run, I’m bringing you another one of my favourites. However, today I’m keeping it a little mellow ~ giving myself, and you, a little breather before the madness of Wednesday and Thursday. This is one of my favourite ballads and it is quite fitting for Dan and Sophie’s circumstances at the end of Sophie’s Turn.

Have a sit back, enjoy and… get ready for the rest of the week!

Now I’ve seen Europe many times… but actually meeting the band is still on my bucket list!

Who would you like meet backstage?

15 responses to “Open Your Heart

  1. Bless you and your love of Joey Tempest! I’ve made a start on Sophie’s Run, I’m on Ch 5, it’s going to be my hour in bed in the morning choice of reading. I’d ditch Tim for being stingy let alone killing slugs, I can’t do stingy men! I once dated a male model for about 5 seconds, it didn’t get past a 2nd date because he was a skintflint!! x

    • Loveya! Well, what can I do? He was my first serious crush and that kind of sticks. (He was not, however, the inspiration for Dan. At least not on his own!!). So glad you’re enjoying Sophie’s story and yes, I’d ditch Tim too. Post haste. I did, in fact, in a manner of speaking, but that’s a different story and has nothing to do with the book, Lol! See you launch day! XX

  2. Oh, Nicky … lol, when I saw the title of the blog post, I thought, Madonna – really? I hadn’t remembered the Europe track – thank heavens it’s Europe!!
    I must admit, I do love me a good rock ballad 😉

    Happy Launch Week!

    • LOL ~ Jo, sorry to give you such a shock! I knew this one before the Madonna song by the same title and…well, you can guess which one I prefer. I do love me a good rock ballad too. We so must meet up one day! Thanks for your good wishes, see you later in the week, virtually! XXX 🙂

  3. BRYAN ADAMS!!! Still waiting to meet him! How many You Tube videos does a girl have to do?

  4. Nicky – I’m envious of you, not only have you seen “EUROPE” –you live there. As for me I’ve only been to St. Johns, Newfoundland twice for one day on a cruise, and to Bermuda three times [each time for four days] on a cruise. But enough for the pun concerning “EUROPE”, about twenty years ago when I had involved in my community we had I well-known singer [forgot the name] come to see at our auditorium, and being involved to the extend I had been, I got to see her backstage sans makeup.

    Anyway, we need to get to the reason we’re here, and that’s for the final Monday before the BIG EXTRAVAGAZA on Wednesday. Given this I feel Sophie should take the stage for a FINAL ENCORE to sing about her life. [I know you probably will love this song…you DEFINITELY LOVE the artist singing it.]

    Good Luck on Wednesday…I know you’re going to be a BIG HIT.

  5. You probably don’t need to ask me that question – it would of course be Kings of Leon but I’d settle for Green Day or Feeder if push came to shove. 🙂

  6. The Final Count Down……not long now. Coming over all unnecessary!

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