What’s your token of love?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Even if it’s not your thing, even if you’re not celebrating today (I’m not ~ OH and I are leaving our romantic night-on-the-town until the weekend when the kids are at the grandparents) or, indeed if you’re not celebrating at all:

I still wanted so share my love and appreciation for all of you lovely blog readers and followers. It wouldn’t be worthwhile blogging without you! 🙂 Thank you!!

Now suppose you received a card like this…



…what would be YOUR perfect token of love, either to give or to get?




9 responses to “What’s your token of love?

  1. Happy St. Valentine’s Day Nicky and everyone. I tend not to celebrate it except it is my husband’s birthday, so he sends me a Valentine card (usually) and I send a Valentine’s Card. Years ago I managed to find a Happy Birthday Valentine card, but it was a one-off I guess as I’ve never come across one since. Special token is a hard one after almost 45 years……but at the moment I would send good health and happiness to him. He is far from home and alone at the moment and my token would be a magic potion sent through time and space to arrive at the exact time of his birth.

  2. I am losing it Nicky, I sent him a birthday card and Valentine card….so excited today, the little grey cells have gone walk-about. Apologies. J x

    • No need to apologize, Jane! I think it’s soooo romantic that you guys have been together nearly 45 years. That predates me ~ AWESOME. As in, I think it’s awesome that you two have had such a long, happy time together. (Ok, I’m digging myself a whole here, right?) Sorry to hear that he’s far from home and alone at the moment; that’s not so good. Do you Skype? Thank you for visiting, give your hubby best birthday wishes from me and have a great evening, if you can. HUGS! XX

  3. Nothing special here. Exchange cards containing some Lottery Tickets, Have dinner. LOVE is a topic everyone sings about. The Captain and Tenille sang “Love Will Keep Us Together” and The Beatles sang “All You Need is Love.” As for me, all I can say is:

    Couldn’t resist having another song for today. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Happy Valentine’s Day, Robin, and thanks for your lovely comment and song choice, as always. If you do get a lottery ticket ~ I hope it’s a winning one! Rock on and have a lovely romantic time. Thanks for commenting! XX

  4. I’m a sucker for a love note. My husband is the best little note writer I know. With every card, he always includes a heartfelt words to make me smile and remind me why I fell in love with him. Me (the writer in the family), I usually write something silly like ‘Wanna get naked?” 🙂 But that seems to have the same effect on him as the love note has on me. ❤ Happy V day to you, my friend! I hope your date night this weekend if fabulous!

    • Dana, I am in awe of your candour! I will definitely try THAT in my next love missive to my OH. Thanks so much for commenting, I’m so thrilled you shared your thoughts. Date night will be fabulous (especially with your little tip for note writing, haw haw haw!) (Oh god, this isn’t an X-rated blog, I’d better watch out!) *waves* take care and thanks for visiting. XX

  5. I was going to write something, but I can’t stop thinking and chuckling over Dana’s note. I think she’s got the best idea yet.

    • She certainly does. I’ve been going back to this in mind as well ever since she posted. I think Dana will singlehandedly revolutionize love letters! Thanks for commenting!

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