Is This Love

It’s Music Monday!


Happy Monday, one and all! I hope you had a fantastic weekend. I’m in the throes of proofing Sophie’s Encore and this has put me in the mood for a classic song. I have posted this band before but I couldn’t resist today’s choice. Especially as this is an important and highly relevant question (ah… but who’s asking it??? You’ll have to wait to find out, although not for very long!)!

So. Is This Love? What do you think?


Music Monday will take a break for a week because… *DRUMROLL* … it’s the cover reveal for Sophie’s Encore next Monday!!! Hope to see you all here to go ooooh and aaaah!!!!!

12 responses to “Is This Love

  1. Hi Nicky
    Woke up in the middle of the night [4:00 AM] and decided to check to see if you had posted anything yet so I could think of a response song as I slept. The link you provided doesn’t work on this side of “The Pond” – here is one that does,

    Now I can return to the loving arms of Morpheus to sleep some more until I can wake to respond once more.

    • What would I do without you? Thanks, Robin. I have no way of knowing whether the link will work and it’s really frustrating when it doesn’t. You’re my hero for saving the day! X

  2. Wow Nicky! Whitesnake means David Coverdale – now he really was a rock god! Look forward to the forthcoming cover reveal! xx

  3. Oh, Nicky! This song brings back memories! And now I’ll have this song in my head all day! 🙂 I can’t wait to see the cover for Sophie’s Encore!

  4. Ooh, stop teasing! The ‘Is this love?’ question, cover reveal…you are naughty! The song is great, I agree. Classic David Coverdale – mmm… 😉

    • Mmmmm indeed!! *swoon* Sorry for the teasing thing. Apparently (evidently!) it works. Taking notes from the best here, LOL. XX Have a great week ~ hope it’s filled with light. 😉

  5. LOVE this song … and I’m intrigued 🙂 x

    • Hi Shaz, ~ sorry I didn’t respond to your comment before, I just retrieved it from my Spam folder. See today’s blog post on *that* subject! Yes, I love this song to bits and I’m glad you’re intrigued…. Rock on, and thanks for commenting. XXXX

  6. Hi Nicky,

    Your song for this week begs the question: “Is this love?” Love is one of those sweet mysteries of life [I’m not going to have you listen to Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life … 🙂 ]

    I can’t really give you an answer to this question, but I think I can make some headway by asking the question again with my response for this week. There are numerous versions of this song [including one by Frank Sinatra.] However I love the upbeat tempo of this version. This version of the song is another one I missed by being born too late. In fact, this song goes all the way back to 1929 when Cole Porter wrote it.

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