Life Won’t Wait

It’s Music Monday!


Happy Monday! It’s the first Monday in October, and I’m in a mellow, positive, and dramatic kind of mood all at once. There’s something about the leaves turning and the early morning fogs rolling in… There’s something about Halloween at the end of the month and All Saints’ the following day that makes me think about life, time passing, and opportunities that need taking ~ now! ~ because they won’t recur. I’ve been having these talks with the kids too. You know, life ain’t a dress rehearsal, Carpe Diem, and so on. Make the most out of your every day.

So here’s the perfect song from one who knows.

What’s your Carpe Diem song?
Have a great week and remember to Seize The Day!

8 responses to “Life Won’t Wait

  1. Good morning you 😉 Yes, I have one of those, I own it as a CD single and was so appalled and embarrassed at how much I liked it, I got my boyfriend to buy it for me from our price, because it was by a cheesy boyband. God, I was a snob back then! It’s Five’s ‘Keep On Moving,’ I still think it’s a class song with a great sentiment 🙂 Hope things are going well, Nicky xx

    • I love it! I think you’ve ‘confessed’ to this before, and I still think it’s a great choice. Thank you for sharing, and wishing you a FAB Monday. Yes, all is going well here… hope the same applies to you. Rock on, Yasmin! X

  2. Hi Nicky
    Well the weekend is over, and I’m back. I envy your being able to sing and to have recorded a CD, as I do for anyone else, because I know I can’t sing a note.

    Anyway today you’re asking us for our “Carpe Diem” song and the moment I read it I knew that most of us have to do precisely that, especially when something tragic has entered our lives. We must seize the day and learn how to move on. And once we’ve moved on, we should never look back; especially when something related to that event tries to re-enter our lives. With that said I’d like to offer my usual “Monday Music” response. Although I can’t sing a note, I still know how to pick them [self-praise is really no praise at all 😀 ] so I know you and you and your readers will enjoy this one:

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    • LOL, Robin, the ultimate dance floor filler ~ perfect! I can’t tell you how many times I have belted that song out at the top of my voice after a few beers and another disastrous date or so. (That was *before* Jon, of course, many many moons ago). Perfect. Very much a carpe diem song, thank you! Wishing you a rocking Monday! XX

      • Even though Gloria Gaynor had released this song in 1978 it was still going strong during the 1990’s so I had a feeling you might have sung this song during your crazy days at school. I also sense Sophie might sung it as well during the love affairs she had with the two men in her life. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Hello Nicky! I love the song you’ve chosen, and the sentiment you’re talking about: Carpe Diem. Recently I said ‘If not now, when?’ in a blog post. Never a truer word spoken, and I’m trying to live my life in this way, as I’ve seen too many people save stuff for a ‘later’ that never comes. Gosh, that was a bit dark, wasn’t it?
    Anyway…OZZY!!! I’ll be seeing him in December – so excited! Hubby is gonna be worse than me at that gig, though. I’ll have to stop him jumping on Tony Iommi – he is one of hubby’s guitar heroes. 😉 xx

    • AWESOME! I love how you guys share that passion. Jealous you get to see The Man himself. Wow! Let me know if he plays this one, and think of me if he does. ROCK ON. And if not now, when indeed? I remember that post! X

  4. I love Ozzy! So loveable and cute – like a fluffy little bunny.

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