Sunday Baking Fun: Our Gingerbread Hall of Fame

Happy Sunday! The Wells Family has been busy baking Gingerbread men and women. Here’s our Hall of Fame. Now we just have to figure out whether we dare to eat our beloved creations….

Iron Man ~ by my 6yo :-)

Iron Man ~ by my 6yo 🙂

Black Widow ~ by my 8yo :-)

Black Widow ~ by my 8yo 🙂

Erasure's Andy Bell on the Cowboy Tour ~ by my husband!

Erasure’s Andy Bell on the Cowboy Tour ~ by my husband!

The amazing Mrs. O ~ by me! :-)

The amazing Mrs. O ~ by me! 🙂

To eat them…or not to eat them?

11 responses to “Sunday Baking Fun: Our Gingerbread Hall of Fame

  1. You should have made copies! Eat them, but do it reverently, with great pomp and circumstance.

    • LOL I shall. Not sure the kids will be that restrained… At least we have a photographic record! X Thanks for visiting and commenting and wishing you a fabulous Sunday, Jane!

  2. Eat them! If anyone would like to send me the real Iron Man, aka Robert Downey, Jnr, I’ll happily eat him too… 😉
    Keep rockin’ those baking skills! xx

  3. These look yummy and fun to make 🙂

  4. Oct 27, 2013
    Too bad I can’t be there to sample one of the gingerbread men you and your family have baked today. They must have really tasted YUM YUM and aroma of them baking in the oven must have been gorgeous. Now, I’ve got to go out and try to buy some.

    Anyway, you know I can’t resist posting some sort of musical remembrance of my being here, and this time is no exception. However, this time I’m not doing a post for you. This time it’s for your two boys, all your readers who have young children, and anyone else who is still young at heart.

    Would love to know what they think of this.

    • LOL Robin, where do you find these? This is brilliant and very appropriate!! Thank you. I’d offer to stick a gingerbread man in the post for you but a) it would get stuck in customs and b) it would go off by the time it gets to you so… you’ll just have to make your own, happy baking, I’ll be with you in spirit! XX

      • Your compliment is so wonderful I’m beginning to feel somewhat embarrassed. I simply find them on the internet on YouTube since I’m a surfing [internet] fool…Perhaps it has something to do with the systems analyst type job I had for the last 13 years before retiring. I’m glad you love the apparent innate ability I seem to have in doing this, and I eagerly await the next opportunity afforded by you here,
        ALL THE BEST !!!
        Your unofficial blog’s DJ. 😀 😀 😀

  5. Haha! That’s the hard part. Feeling like they’re too special to eat.

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