Trying Not To Love You

It’s Music Monday!


Welcome back! The half term has ended in these parts, it’s Halloween week and also…it’s launch week for me (again!)!!!

There are so many themes I could explore with my song choice, but somehow, this number did it for me today. It fits with my upcoming surprise novella in the widest sense, in that ‘Trying Not To Love You’ is something that my hero, Jude, is kind of telling himself… but also, it’s a really cool video. Trust me on this one, it’s worthwhile watching. It’s a little piece of art, and the ending made me smile. I do love it when a band has a great sense of humour! Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy! 😉

Now then. How was it for you?

Before you go…

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Rock on!

5 responses to “Trying Not To Love You

  1. Hi Nicky,

    Monday has officially arrived, you’ve released your post, and I can finally post the comment I wrote Saturday morning.

    I’m going to be brief this morning.

    To start with I see I’d been correct regarding who the artist for your selection would be today. In fact, I also loved watching the same video on Saturday.

    Today I’m feel I need to be somewhat emphatic concerning the topic of your selection for today. While it might be nice saying that someone is trying to resist loving someone else for whatever the reason might, I’d like to move the compassion which exists between these two lovers up a few notches. It is for this reason the song I’ve selected is:

    These two songs I feel are somewhat a little too early as they would be perfect for Fenruary 14th, Valentine’s Day.

    Ain’t I being a romantic one today.

  2. Ha! Talk about a juxtaposition, Robin!!! I’ll have to think about this one. Wishing you a great Monday and hope you’re getting some more sleep. XX

  3. Great vid! You’re teasing me again about this novella… I’m looking forward to it! xx

    • Isn’t it a cool video? I so love it when a band has a sense of humour. I seem to recall the video for Rock Star was pretty cool too. Hmm…. Note to self: check out more Nickelback videos! As for teasing… not teasing, sweetie. Tempting!!! Only four sleeps to go….. X Thanks for visiting and commenting, Karen!

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