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Trying Not To Love You

It’s Music Monday!


Welcome back! The half term has ended in these parts, it’s Halloween week and also…it’s launch week for me (again!)!!!

There are so many themes I could explore with my song choice, but somehow, this number did it for me today. It fits with my upcoming surprise novella in the widest sense, in that ‘Trying Not To Love You’ is something that my hero, Jude, is kind of telling himself… but also, it’s a really cool video. Trust me on this one, it’s worthwhile watching. It’s a little piece of art, and the ending made me smile. I do love it when a band has a great sense of humour! Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy! 😉

Now then. How was it for you?

Before you go…

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Rock on!

Nicky Reviews Rock presents: THE HUSH Video Debut

Only a few short weeks ago, it was my tremendous pleasure to introduce you to THE HUSH right here on Nicky Reviews Rock.  You may recall that there was talk of an upcoming video for a new song…  Well, here it is in all its splendid glory!!  Hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think! Rock on 🙂 xx


Behind the Scenes in “Lego House” with Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran’s “Lego House” is a big hit in the Wells household, not least because my two boys have attached to the notion of singing about building a Lego house (and yes, a lot of singing is being done here lately!).

This morning, I thought I’d bring you a little video clip of the making of the video for “Lego House”, posted by Ed Sheeran himself on YouTube.  As I was watching, it occurred to me that as a writer, one tends to become a little self-obsessed with the entire writing and editing process; thus it was refreshing to be reminded that all artists go to great lengths to improve and hone and fine-tune their work.  Apart from which, it’s a really nice music video to watch, and you know how much Nicky likes to take a peek backstage.  So grab a cuppa and enjoy!

And if you have a moment, I’d love to hear what YOU do to remind yourself of the real world when you get a little carried away in your own projects or worries. 🙂