Going Dotty…. #ChildrenInNeed


2 responses to “Going Dotty…. #ChildrenInNeed

  1. Hi Nicky
    Well, here I am 2:45 AM and still unable to fall asleep tonight [actually it’s early early in the morning]. Anyway, I just decided to check my email and what do I see to my surprise a simple post by you consisting only of a photo of you wearing a polka dot pair of pajamas.

    Given that the moon is now out with moonbeams coming through the windows of our apartment while I should be in bed fast asleep. Well, believe it or not, a song just popped into my head which combines the polka dots you’re wearing and the moonbeams coming through my window.

    [The words of this song start at the 1:40 mark.]

    And just like the song I gave you for “Congers.” you probably thought I would never come up with a song now, but then again you might just be waiting for me to post one.

    Hope you’ll enjoy this one. As for myself, I’m going back into bed for another attempt to fall asleep, 🙂 🙂 🙂

    BTW – The PJs look cute. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Are those Laura Ashley PJ’s? I have a pair of PJ trousers just like that. Nice pic 🙂

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