Highway to Hell

It’s Music Monday!


Happy Monday, you! I hope you’re well today and that you had a fabulous weekend. Me, I’ve been all over the place lately, and I woke up this morning feeling very discombobulated. There are just too many things vying for prime air space in my brain. So I looked to the UK Top Forty Rock Singles Charts for inspiration (because sometimes even genius writers and rock lovers need a helping hand!) and stumbled across this gem. It’s currently at number six, and it totally suits my mood, not least because of its strong anthem sing-it-at-the-top-of-your-voice-and-feel-better value.

There, that’s better already. What song clears your mind when you’re distracted or confused?

16 responses to “Highway to Hell

  1. Let’s ROCK! Exactly what I needed to liven up a murky Monday x

  2. Hi Nicky
    My !!! My !!!

    It seems as both of us have been quite hectic for over this past week, so much so I believe I might have forgotten to respond to posts both on my own blogs as well as others, including yours. This means sometime today I’ll be searching through these blogs to see if I’ve missed anything.

    Anyway, today you want us to respond with a song which clears our minds when we’re distracted or confused. Well, given the repertoire of songs in my head I believe you know this might be a somewhat arduous task for me. So this week I’m simply going to be a little quite contrary and pick a song which is totally juxtaposition to yours. ENJOY !!!

  3. Awesome! One of the first rock songs I fell in love with.
    Also, kudos to you on using the word ‘discombobulated’. 😉
    Hopefully, your brain will get a chance to unscramble itself this week.
    I think my ‘clear my head’ song is probably Sweet Child O’ Mine. There’s just something about that guitar riff and that song that makes me want to jump around.
    Have a rockin’ week!
    Karen xx

    • Discombobulated is one of my favourite words, alongside mellifluous and a selection of other choice items. (Am I *very* nerdy to have favourite words?) I hope my brain will unscramble itself soon because it’s driving me round the bend. Thank you for stopping by and I hope to visit your blog later too. First of all, I got to take my 6yo to his first drumming lesson. This is where it starts, LOL! Rock on, Karen! XXX

      • Hey, my stepson plays drums! He does a bit of guitar and other stuff now too, but he’s basically a drummer. Typical of him to pick the noisiest thing, although the kit he had at home was electronic, so he could hear himself through headphones, and not drive everybody mad. 😉

  4. Rock on a Monday is always an excellent idea. Any day should always have some rock in it.

    I have taken the travelling/road theme and stuck with it. A song that I love from a collaboration none of you will have heard of:

  5. I love ACDC, in fact the song that helps me decompress is the original “It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘n Roll)” with Bon Scott’s vocals (R.I.P.). I have roll the windows down, open up the sun roof and blast it on one of the big bridges over Tampa Bay.
    Rock on!! \m/ \m/

  6. And here’s proof that I do also listen to bands you will have heard off. Like the sound of this blaring out as I cross any bridge – never mind Tampa Bay:

  7. Yay! I do love this track. Proper stadium rock!

    Other tracks that blow my cobwebs away (if they *can* be, at that point in time) are Meatloaf’s Bat out of Hell, and quite a few of the tracks from A-ha’s final album, Foot of the Mountain. 🙂

    Hope that by now you’re feeling less discombobulated, Nicky! x

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