Thank God It’s Christmas! (Well, nearly…) #Queen

It’s Music Monday!


Hope you’re all in the mood for Christmas by now. Yesterday was the third Sunday of Advent, and true to tradition, we lit that third candle:


We also went to see the stage play of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe at the weekend. It was a magical production, and the kids were absolutely enchanted. So with that, there’s only one song that comes to mind today. If you love The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, you’ll know why.

Have a great week! Only nine sleeps ’til Christmas ‘proper’… (Eight, if you’re German. Woohooo!)

4 responses to “Thank God It’s Christmas! (Well, nearly…) #Queen

  1. See you’re really getting into the spirit of Christmas Nicky! Listening to Queen takes me back to the summer when we had builders in for a month. One of them fancied himself as Freddie Mercury and we were treated to a whole repertoire of their songs although I have to say not this particular one!

  2. I’m back . Sorry I didn’t leave a comment last week. I just found your song to be a tad too religious for me to come up with a decent response.

    So with Christmas coming I felt my response simply had to be about that. Enjoy.

    I hope for the coming New Year will be one of promise for me. I’ve just lowered the regular selling price for the KINDLE of my debut romance novel by about 30% down to the lowest regular price KINDLE would allow.

    I’ve also submitted 5 “Five Sentence Fictions” [which all got accepted] for an anthology of short stories dealing with the theme of HIV/AIDS. Some of them got tweaked from what I’ve originally written to make them more appropriate for the theme of anthology. This has led me to put together an anthology of my own.

    Wishing everyone my early season’s greeting of a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and success in all of your writing endeavors.

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