CentreStage presents: Julia’s Violinist by Anneli Purchase @anneli33


It’s my great pleasure to welcome to CentreStage today the lovely Anneli Purchase all the way from Vancouver. Anneli is introducing her novel, Julia’s Violinist. And between you and me, I can thoroughly recommend it! So give it up for Annli and Julia…

Introducing: Anneli Purchase

Anneli Purchase

The losers in a war are always deemed to have been wrong, evil aggressors, not worthy of a sympathetic ear. My mother was on the losing side during WWII. She told me many stories of her life in Saaz, now a part of the Czech Republic. She lost her home, her husband, and her way of life in the aftermath of war. Hearing the stories as a child, I didn’t realize the enormity of the losses she suffered nor how widespread the atrocities were. Much later it became clear to me that these injustices were experienced by thousands of others like her, many of whom were not so fortunate, losing not only their homes, but also their families and their own lives. I wanted to tell a story that could easily have happened to any of my mother’s fellow Sudetenlanders, a story of love, courage, and survival under the direst of circumstances.

When people of differing cultures are at war, they are capable of committing the most inhumane atrocities. This story does not attempt to take sides, to say that one was more vicious than the other. While there are many stories telling of the misdeeds of the German government and of Germans in general, this tells the story from the other side. I have tried to write it without prejudice.


Front Cover jpg (1)(2)

When the war ended, I thought things would get better I was wrong. The worst was yet to come. The Czechs took our homes away and expelled us from our homeland. We survived those terrible years after the war, one day at a time.

Now, twenty years later—a letter from Michael. He wants me to come to Canada. Ah, Michael, my love. It’s too late. I’m married again. Too late… isn’t it?


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Anneli Purchase lives on Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada, where she writes novels and articles, and works as a freelance copy-editor. Anneli writes about people and their relationships and dilemmas. Often the settings are in unusual locations. Julia’s Violinist is her third novel. You can find out more about Anneli Purchase by following these links:


http://ow.ly/EXRVh (amazon.com)


Blogs: http://wordsfromanneli.wordpress.com



14 responses to “CentreStage presents: Julia’s Violinist by Anneli Purchase @anneli33

  1. Hi Anneli
    Best of Luck with Julia’s Violinist,

    THANKS AGAIN Nicky for allow me, your out of work DJ to post my musical selection for Anneli’s book,

    Robin Leigh
    BTW – Nicky I released my second book on December 1, 2014

    I’ve justed working on my playlist for your latest Christmas novella.

    • Why hello, oh resident DJ! Thank you for your comment and song choice! And congrats on releasing your second book–well done you! Wishing you a great Christmas, Robin, and all the best for 2015. Keep on rocking… and writing! X

  2. Thanks for hosting me, Nicky. It’s always a pleasure to be a guest on your blog.

  3. Julia’s Violinist sounds intriguing, and I’m downloading a sample right now so I don’t forget to investigate further!
    What a history, Anneli, and kudos to you for writing a tale wrapped in such a theme. (Hope that comes across in the right way; my brain fog is cloudy today!)

  4. If you haven’t read Julia’s Violinist, you are missing out on a wonderful story. Thanks to Anneli Purchase for writing this novel and to Nicky for hosting her!

  5. A sad story beautifully rendered of a woman you cannot help but admire and wish you knew.

  6. Thank you all for your kind comments. The Julia story takes place in difficult times but her love for her children (and her violinist) comes through no matter how terrible circumstances are.

  7. Thanks Anneli for writing such a good story for us readers. The story is a sad one but good to read – and so very real. Thats how it was, so so sad.

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