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In the middle of the night….

You know I’m a chronic insomniac. I’ve blogged about this in various places over the years. You also know that I do get a lot of good ideas in the middle of the night… I’ve blogged about that too, over at Ian McGregger’s blog!

And yes, it’s happened again. So imagine the scene. It’s Saturday night. Well, actually, it’s Sunday morning, about 1:30 a.m. For some reason, I wake up with a jolt and I know that’s the end of that, as they say.

Nonetheless, and despite knowing better, I toss and turn restlessly in bed for an hour or two. I get hot and bored and more and more frustrated as a multitude of thoughts crash in on me, none of them writing-related. There are worries, and things to remember, and things to do, and upcoming birthdays, and things I forgot to do, all mingling in one bizarre and unproductive merry-go-round.


As you can see, at four a.m., I give up. I don my dressing gown and pad downstairs to seek solace from fellow insomniacs on Facebook and Twitter, as I have done many times before. However, there are only a few friends about and none of the usual insomniac clan! After a lovely but short half-hour of  chatting and catching up on blogs and social media, there’s nothing more to be done. Reluctantly, I switch the computer off again.

Alas. I am not ready for bed yet. I mean, it’s only 4:45 a.m.! Idly, I pick up a copy of the outline for my fourth book, which I have been playing with on and off for a few days. Another source of frustration, for while I know the story is there, I can’t quite get it to “zing.” I’m missing something. Or maybe I’m overambitious.

Anyway, I read through my note, circling things that I no longer like, highlighting things that inspire me. Then I go to bed.

KA-BOUM! Before I finally drop off, the story visits me in its entirety. It’s just suddenly there, the moment I have been waiting for, it zings, it sings, ooh and it’s totally rocking. It’s all I can do to scribble down my thoughts in my trusty notebook in the dark. Because, heck no, I ain’t getting up again, I just got warm and comfy, thank you very much, and I don’t want to wake OH. Plus I know I’m going to sleep, now!


I had to wait until Monday to write down a first short outline of this new venture in its entirety, but I took notes all through the weekend. And when I finally had ‘author-time’, everything just flowed. Obviously I haven’t started writing yet, that’ll have to wait until Sophie’s Encore is safely off my desk and off to the publishers in May.


But. I know I got it. It’s in the bag, it’s just a question of letting it out!

So once again… My best ideas haunt me in the middle of the night. Conceiving a book is a bit like having a baby; they come out good and ready when the time is right, no matter what time of day or night! Insomnia is my friend, really.

I know many of you are insomniacs too. Does this ring any bells?

PS ~ I am now going MIA for a couple of days as far as social media are concerned! Tonight is the night of the big FM gig (with VIP package!). The grandparents are babysitting and OH and I are taking a bit of time out. PLEASE feel free to comment, you know I’ll get back to you as soon as. XX Rock On!