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Born To Be My Baby

It’s Music Monday!


Happy Monday, everybody! I’ve spent the last two weeks getting intimately familiar with every last word in Sophie’s Encore all over again, checking for typos, missing words, commas, hyphens and other calamities. The manuscript is now clean, I’m relieved to report. Woohooo! This means I’ve read the novel forwards and backwards and upside down (yes, upside down!). I’ve experienced all over again every emotion I wrote for my characters, and every emotion I went through while writing.

The tag line is… Her rock star is waiting in the wings, but will he get a second chance?

Well then. With that, there’s only type of song that Dan could be performing right at this moment. A CLASSIC!

Oh yeah, babe! Don’t you just love it?? *swoons* I wonder what Sophie would say….


It’s the school holidays and I need a break! So I welcome suggestions for Music Monday Takeover ~ your chance to be my guest picker! What song would Rock Your World over the next few weeks? I’m looking for four of your most Awesome Rock Songs ~ let’s hear your choice and see what shakes out!