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#BloggerSpotlight: Meet Charlotte from @BestChickLit



In my humble opinion, book bloggers ROCK! And today, I’m thrilled to welcome one of the most awesome bloggers out there. Give it up for Charlotte from BestChickLit!


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Who are you and why are you blogging?
Hi, I’m Charlotte from BestChickLit and I blog simply because I love books! Nikki and Lizzie, also run the blog with me, and I know they feel exactly the same.

Where’s your favourite reading nook and why?
I’m not picky at all, I’ll read anywhere, although I do love to curl up on the sofa on a dark, chilly evening and get lost in a book.

What’s the craziest thing you’d still like to do in your life?
I’m not sure if this qualifies as crazy but I’d love to rent a camper van, pack up the family, and travel around Europe for a whole summer.

What’s your most treasured possession?
Apart from my books (!), I could not live without my Macbook Pro. My whole life is on that laptop, organised in my own . . . special way (aka organised chaos).

Who or what would need to accompany you on a desert island?
My gut tells me I’d need my family but logically speaking, I wouldn’t want to subject them to being stranded. Being practical, I’d take Bear Grylls so he can get me off the island. Oh, and a stack of books to keep me amused while he’s doing his thing.

Top ten favourite books of all times (any genre)?
Tough question! Can I include series of books? OK, here I go:

  • Beautiful Disaster – Jamie McGuire
  • Walking Disaster – Jamie McGuire
  • The Harry Potter Series – JK Rowling
  • The Twilight Saga – Stephenie Mayer
  • Kiss Chase – Fiona Walker
  • My Sort-of Kind-of Hero  – Emily Harper
  • June Jenson and the Shield of Quell – Emily Harper
  • Mrs Hemingway – Naomi Wood
  • The Keepers Series – Rae Rivers
  • The Boots My Mother Gave Me – Brooklyn James

What’s your favourite cocktail or alternative tipple?
I love a WooWoo but I’d happily live without any form of alcohol. Coffee, on the other hand, I could never give up.

What’s the thing you regret most not having done in your life so far?Travelling more.

You’re invited to a buffet dinner, but you can pick only ONE savoury item and ONE sweet. What would you cram on your plate?
Savoury: a toss up between peanut butter (on anything) and egg mayo vol-au-vents.
Sweet: Chocolate Fudge Cake

You’re asked to a pot luck dinner party. What do you bring?
I’d bring my Dad’s curry. Everyone likes my Dad’s curry!

Where’s your favourite place in the whole wide world?
Besides home, I’d have to choose Cornwall. I spent all of my childhood holidays there and have taken my children a couple of times. It never gets boring.

Oooh thank you for visiting, Charlotte. Here’s to travelling more just as soon as you get round to it (with your family, your books, and your MacBook Pro). (Oh, and can I come? LOL). I’m desperate to know: what’s your Dad’s curry? 🙂