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Hey, hey, I want to be a rock star….

Welcome to a late edition of Music Monday! Let’s call it…

Yup, I gave up yesterday’s customary Music Monday slot to a fabulous guest post by the amazing Talli Roland–I hope you enjoyed!! But I still wanted to share with you my song of the week.

This one is highly appropriate, totally topical and just fantastic. Why did it come to the forefront of my mind at this particular time? Oooh, I don’t know. Probably something to do with finishing the absolutely rockin’ masterplan for Book #3 in the Rock Star Romance Trilogy. Or mabye something to do with finishing proofing Sophie’s Turn, Book #1… Or maybe it’s just… I don’t know, something from deep within my psyche, hee hee!

What do I love about this song? Let’s see. I love the mellow rock tune, the very anthem potential underpinned by somewhat cynical lyrics. Totally up my street!

So, I want you all to join in in the spirit of the video: let’s hear it!

What’s your favourite line in this song? Do you have any favourite cynical, satirical or downright funny favourite songs? Protest songs, perhaps? Let’s have them!