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Shock to the System

I’m back!
Well, I’m sort of back, but I’m not all here.  Don’t know where I’ve been?  Check out my previous post for the low-down…

So I’m back online. We’ve moved house and started settling. The move went well, much better than expected, largely fuelled by the children’s unwavering excitement for all things lorry.  The unpacking has begun and is continuing apace. I mentioned 100+ boxes in my last post… actually, make that closer to 200.  I have about 60 or so left to do, so I’m doing well.

The kids have started school and are full of enthusiasm. They have made friends and even had their first playdate already: quick work!  I, too, am meeting people and making friends, and next week, hubby will start his new, local job.

However.  Here’s the thing.  This move has turned out to be far more of a shock to the system than I had imagined, and it’s only just becoming apparent why.

For a start, I can’t find anything in this new house of ours, even though I put most of the ‘stuff’ away personally.  But everything is different here, and I keep opening the wrong doors.  I constantly find myself spinning around my own axis in the kitchen trying to locate butter (which is definitely not in the cupboard under the sink) or plates or cooking utensils. And if I really can’t find it, you can bet it is still in one of the many still unpacked boxes, so I have to make do without.

Broadband took a while to come on, and then it took another few days to actually locate the computer and switch it back on.

Every time I settle down in my brand new office, something happens that takes priority over resuming my work life. Yesterday, it was a poorly child.  And today, for no particular reason at all, I had a bit of an attack of home-sickness for Bristol, involving plenty of tears and a cup of coffee with a new friend who helped put things into perspective.  I know, I know: tears, home-sickness, grown woman?  What can I say, it’s a big change for everyone!

Just now, we’ve had a massive thunderstorm including a mini power cut. And it is only another hour to the school run… What’s that they say?  Time flies!

So this post is merely to say:  I’m back, almost.  Over the next few days, as the shock to the system will hopefully start to abate, I’ll be re-emerging on Twitter, I’ll say ‘hello’ on Facebook, I’ll start visiting blogs again and resume business as usual.  With a bit of luck, I’ll be bringing you Music Monday on Monday.  But if I don’t manage, please do forgive me.  I never thought I’d be this discombobulated after a simple move up-country! And I never thought that everything would take so much longer than planned…

If you know of any shortcuts to make the adjustment process easier… or faster, please share. I could do with some help! xx 🙂