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Blue Sky

It’s been a right old week at my end. It’s been one of those weeks! 🙂
Some really good, some bad, some very stressful moments.
This Friday morning finds me a little wiped out.
Therefore, I am taking a breather!

Why not join me and take a moment to stare into the deep blue sky?

And breathe….



I’ll be back next week with my usual vim and vigor!

What do you do when you need to take a breather?

Belly Laugh ~ because it’s Friday

Happy Friday, everyone!

I was going to bring you a post about The Smelly Novel, but I’ll do that in a couple of weeks. Then I was going to bring you a post about finishing my third book, Sophie’s Encore… because yes, whoohoo, I have finished writing it!! But do you know what? My head is spinning and I am all written out. So I will bring you that post next week instead.

Today, I’m relaxing and I’d like you to have a laugh with me. Take a look at this brilliant little clip which I discovered via my lovely new Facebook friend, Inga Kupp-Silberg. Thank you Inga!

It’s an ad. But it’s not just any old ad; it’s an ad by a German language school promoting the need to learn foreign languages. The first few seconds are in German ~ you don’t need to understand this dialogue, it’s basically just the older chap reminding the younger chap what the equpiment is all about, with a special emphasis on the emergency squak box.

Sit back and…. let me know if you laughed! (And who says us Germans don’t have a sense of humour??)


Have a great weekend!