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Blue Sky

It’s been a right old week at my end. It’s been one of those weeks! 🙂
Some really good, some bad, some very stressful moments.
This Friday morning finds me a little wiped out.
Therefore, I am taking a breather!

Why not join me and take a moment to stare into the deep blue sky?

And breathe….



I’ll be back next week with my usual vim and vigor!

What do you do when you need to take a breather?

A breather… enforcing the quiet before the storm!

I’m off.
Folks, I need a break. A breather. Like my laptop, I’m running low on juice.

From today and through next week right up onto and including Monday, 13 August, I shall take myself into a voluntary, self-imposed, absolute and complete Internet blackout. I won’t be blogging, tweeting, or Facebooking. Or emailing, for that matter.

Drastic, huh? Four weeks before my book launch, too.
Bad timing, perhaps?

Nah, perfect timing! This is the creative break before the storm. Batteries on charge, and then full speed ahead…


It’s the school holidays. So I shall have a holiday! 😉 I am going to get up late, make lazy breakfasts, go to the park, take the bus into town, drive to the seaside if the fancy takes us.  I envisage evenings spent barbequeuing and sipping wine until late sitting in the garden. Making cakes and playdough and lego houses and playing games. Hooray!

With that, my friends: Hasta luego! See you soon, properly rested and in high spirits. And then it’ll be all systems go until launch (and beyond)!