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Sweet Child O’ Mine

It’s Music Monday!


Happy Monday, everyone! After last week’s foray into more commercial pop, I’m in the mood for one of the greatest opening riffs in history, like, ever. (Yes, ever, ever, Miss Swift!) I salute, you, Axl!

Memories? Well, for me this song evokes memories of road trips. You know, driving to England and back. (Not me personally, obviously, as most of you know that I don’t drive. But being driven, then, to be precise). Listening to a rock compilation tape (yes, tape, in those days!). Sunrises on the road. Endless tarmac. Service station breakfasts. This may sound strange, but these are actually good memories of an exciting time of change and forward move in my life.

How about you?
Any special memories that come back to you through this song?

Rock on!