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Friday 13th? I’m Not Superstitious!

No, I’m really not superstitious! And to prove it, I shall post an ACE song by one of my favourite bands, thereby telling you quite a bit about myself!  I know it’s not Music Monday, but I’m in a rocky kind of mood. So here goes.

Isn’t this a blast from the past? I mean, obviously Europe is still around, very much so, going stronger year on year, in fact. Must be all this being not superstitious! But what I meant is… dig the hair! And the outfits! They take me right back. Boy, did I have a crush on these guys, lead singer Joey in particular. And to show the world, I even had a near identical hairdo. Oh yes I did! Want to bet? Here it is. Feel free to chortle–but it was way cool at the time! Rock chick me, huh?

Happy Friday 13th, and don’t you go crossing the road left to right now….