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Ramble On! Music Monday Takeover by @alisonjack66

It’s Music Monday ~ Takeover!


Welcome to Music Monday! It’s the school holidays and as y’all know by now, I’m taking a break. Over the past two weeks, I encouraged you all to submit suggestions for rocking songs during the Music Monday Takeover season. Well, the suggestions just kept rolling in, and my OH has also added some songs. Here’s the current list:

(1) How Far Jerusalem – Magnum
(2) Fantastic Place – Marillion
(3) Alone – Heart
(4) King of Spades – Dare
(5) Ramble On – Led Zeppelin
(6) Long Live Rock ‘n Roll – Rainbow
(7) Back in Black – AC/DC
(8) Run to the Hills – Iron Maiden
(9) RESPECT – Aretha Franklin
(10) Layla – Derek and the Dominion
(11) Canonball – Kim Deal
(12) Debaser – The Pixies
(13) American Dream – Power of Dreams
(14) Dustball – 10,000 Maniacs

 …. and I had to deploy random.org to make a selection. The answer is:


That makes it… Alison‘s choice!
Love it, thank you, Alison!!!

Music Monday Takeover continues!

All unused suggestions have gone straight back in the hat, and I’d like to invite yet more of your ideas. Don’t be shy! I’ll let random.org help me out again with the selection so it’s like… the Music Monday Takeover Ideas Lottery.

Go on, come and play!

Whole Lotta Love

It’s Music Monday!


I feel inspired to bring you another classic today. I don’t think it needs much introduction, considering that even some of the world’s biggest rock singers consider this their all time favourite song, according to a recent issue of Kerrang! magazine. Are you ready to rock?


Did you rock’n’roll, baby?