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Just Give Me A Reason

It’s Music Monday!


Today I’m sharing a song that’s captivated me this past week. The lyrics are quite fascinating and seem to capture the essence of misunderstanding between woman and man. I totally love the juxtaposition of her and his viewpoint. Not to mention that the voices work beautifully together. Plus, of course, I’m a sucker for ballads that are heavy on the piano and feature strong, clear voices. Perfect song all round, as far as I’m concerned.


What’s your favourite duet?

Andrew the Pumpkin

Meet Andrew the Pumpkin.

He wasn’t born Andrew, of course. The name kind of happened… but he is an Andrew now, as, indeed, are all pumpkins in our house. Here’s why.

The Wells family is decorating the house for Halloween, and a few guests have arrived to help. Diane is artfully distributing spiders’ webs and spiders through the house. Jon is watching the football and keeping us informed on the score, while generally keeping an eye on things. Anne and Michael are drawing spooky Halloween pictures with the children, ably assisted by Jon (my other half, Jon) who is creative director and drawing Halloween spooks extraordinaire. Me, I’m flitting about organizing sweets and dinner.

One of the little ones is suddenly fearful she’s missing out on a pumpkin drawing. “Where’s my pumpkin,” she pipes up in  a slightly tremulous voice. Jon (my other half, Jon) to the rescue! He deftly whips a drawing off the table and presents it with a flourish: “Andrew the pumpkin.”

Little one duly mollified, I shoot my OH a grateful and somewhat amused look. “Why Andrew?” I whisper at him over the heads of the children.

“What?” comes the somewhat incoherent surprise.

“Why is the pumpkin called Andrew?” I clarify.

“Uh… he’s not. Andrew the pumpkin.”

This is turning surreal. “All I hear is Andrew the pumpkin,” I repeat, no longer at whisper voice.

“Yes,” my 7yo supplies helpfully, slowly, and with emphasis, yet completely unaware he’s clearing up the big mystery. “Anne drew the pumpkin.”

Cue hilarious laughter as OH and I and the other adults finally get the misunderstanding. The name stuck, however, and all pumpkins are called… Andrew!

Hope you had a fabulous Halloween and wishing you all the best for NaNoWriMo if you’re taking part. Here’s the run up to Christmas… let’s roll!