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Doubly Inspiring and quite Lovely! #Awards

It’s been a long time since I last had an opportunity to accept blog awards, and I want to thank absolutely everyone who nominated me over the past few months and who graciously let me pass the opportunity at the time. You know you rock!

However! I have a window of opportunity here and I am delighted to accept not one but three awards today. *Happy Dance*

I was recently nominated for these awards:


Very Inspiring Blogger by Melanie Robertson-King
Very Inspiring Blogger by Suzie Tullett

lovely blog
One Lovely Blog by Vikki Thompson at The View Outside

To accept this awards I must
1) Link back to the wonderful person who nominated me (done)
2) offer seven random facts about me and
3) pass the award on to seven fabulous bloggers.
Here goes!

Seven Random Facts About Me

1) I don’t like peas. I think they’re revolting. I eat them all right (got to set the kids a good example, right?) but I think they’re awful. I’d rather have sprouts, thank you.

2) As far as mobile phone technology goes, I’m in the dark ages. I have an old, non-Internet enabled, ‘call and text’ only standard-issue mobile phone. No iPad, Smartphone, android or anything like that for me. Know what? I’m perfectly happy.

3) I love making pizza from scratch.

4) Before I came to England, I wanted to go to Art School. I’m a bit of a failed artist at heart. But that’s ok, I’m a better writer than I ever was a painter!

5) My stereo sound system is twenty years old and I treasure it highly. Rock on, analogue amplifier and big enormous speakers, you can’t be beaten.

6) I want to be snowed in, utterly and completely, for two days, just once in my life. It’s on my bucket list. I might have to go to Iceland, Canada or Alaska for this exciting adventure, it seems. (That’s also on my bucket list).

7) I have my eye on a lighthouse that I want to buy when I retire. (If, that is, I ever get to retire, the way pensions are going at this time. But that’s a different matter, LOL).

Sharing the Joy!

I’d like to pass these awards on to the following seven outstanding friends and bloggers. Pick one, or take both!

Brook Cottage Books
Dizzy C’s Little Book Blog
Eve’s Chick Lit Reviews
Jen Tucker
Jo Lambert – Writer
Nova at My Seryniti
Rea Book Review

Congratulations, ladies, and rock on!